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#1 2017-10-09 22:04:59

admin (50)
Registered: 2017-08-24
Posts: 558

New feature: DOC button

There is now a "DOC" button next to the "TTT" button. This places a Doc Saddler icon on the post. It is a picture where Doc is expressing his extreme disbelief at what he has just seen transpire. Use this for posts that make you ask, "what the fuck was that?".


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#2 2017-10-09 22:14:39

USMstang (27)
From: 7 miles North of Cat Island
Registered: 2017-08-25
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Re: New feature: DOC button

Had to give you a tot for that lol

If it ain't Black & Gold...F it!


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#3 2017-10-09 22:15:55

stinkfist (25)
Registered: 2017-08-29
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Re: New feature: DOC button

oh shite....I'm in trouble now wink


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