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#36 2017-10-10 20:31:55

stinkfist (25)
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Re: Some of the best concerts you ever attended

TheDudeAbides wrote:
stinkfist wrote:

KISS in Stl in '78.....thanks cousins
VH in '79,'80, '84
Rush in '80, '82
Nugent on the coast on a wednesday in '83 (I think)
Cure at UNO in '86 (got mugged after that one on Esplanade)
Cult at the Saenger in nawlins in '87 (dates start getting fuzzy)
Clapton at UNO around '90.....
Extreme at the H'burg Sanger around '96
Primus at the Hard Rock a couple of years ago.....

shockingly, I've never seen TOOL live.....

Saw the Clapton show at UNO...third row...right in front...could have reached out and touched him. Did an acoustic set...when he played Tears in Heaven you could have heard a pin drop.

shockingly, I went with NG's cousin and stayed sober......what an amazing set.....he never missed a note....

facing the stage, we were to your left 8 rows up about 50 ft back......

all the early one's we hit the floor immediately......the '84 VH I almost got crushed.....

too much fun it was back then......


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