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#1 Re: Southern Miss » Of Course he did....... » 2021-02-21 17:38:20

Prime time wins his a significant cost

While putting on a clinic against some team I never heard of someone went into the locker room and cleaned out his personal belongings including his wallet and cell phone. Way to be Jackson, Jackson......

#3 Southern Miss » Winter Storm Across the South » 2021-02-15 10:09:35

Snow everywhere......power outages.......stores are out of bread and milk

And the basketball team is absolutely worthless.

Terrible hire

#4 Re: Southern Miss » Nuggets Ghost » 2021-02-06 08:57:46

It all started when Dunwoody wouldn’t give up his DirectTV/Comcast online access code so NG could stream a game.

Since then, everything went south.......NG, Hopson, Quez school grades......everything.......

#5 Re: Southern Miss » 94 LSU » 2021-01-09 09:45:40

I don’t remember the nuclear reactor script from that season.

Oddly, anyone remember that game against Samford that year? Didn’t a player on the Samford team end up losing his leg after getting caught up awkwardly on a play? Don’t remember the specifics.

#6 Southern Miss » 94 LSU » 2021-01-08 16:52:27

Just saw on the China controlled Twittersphere that Chris Pierce who kicked the 52 yard game winning field goal at LSU passed away.

Far too young.

#7 Re: Southern Miss » Bowls..... » 2021-01-01 10:53:47

AndreWhere wrote:

I'm actually looking forward to the Peach Bowl. For some reason Kirby Smart really rubs me the wrong way. He's just such a whiny little stereotype.

Same.....probably end up being the best game of the day. Fun fact, Kirby Smart is 0-1 against Southern Miss as a player or head coach

#8 Southern Miss » Bowls..... » 2021-01-01 09:56:46

Does Cinci have a prayer against UGA in the ATL?

Why is it still the Rose Bowl when it’s in Jerry World?

Do you want to see Ohio State humble arrogant Dabo?

What’s the fascination with Maria Taylor?

Why is Notre Dame even in this?

Was Jack Abraham in the scuffle with Tulsa yesterday or did he opt out?

Happy New Year

#9 Re: Southern Miss » Nick » 2020-12-28 13:32:50

I like Nick. I think he is gone from SF. Not sure who will run with him as a project going forward but his NFL career path is very similar to Austin’s at this point. His # of starts gets him on a roster in 2021.

#10 Re: Southern Miss » Fedora fired » 2020-12-24 11:21:04

Baylor is the truck stop between Dallas and Austin.

The reason Chip and Joanne had so much success in Waco was because they had plenty of section 8 housing to choose from on fixer upper....

If they didn’t have a Buc-ee’s in town most people wouldn’t even think of stopping in Waco....

#11 Re: Southern Miss » Fedora fired » 2020-12-23 11:15:24

12 million buyout not offset by future earnings from UNC......I think he is having a motivation problem. Only put up 3 points in his last game against Okie State. Sumlin and Fedora flamed out almost the same exact time.

#12 Re: Southern Miss » Who will dot the “i”? » 2020-12-22 15:24:24

AndreWhere wrote:

That is actually pretty cool!

Odd but cool....I remember Memphis playing in Ann Arbor back in the 90’s and Tulsa winning in South Bend 10 years ago.
We laid two massive eggs in Happy Valley 20 + years ago. Probably expect a similar outcome.

#14 Re: Southern Miss » Being Bielema » 2020-12-19 12:14:16

John Malkovich is a national treasure. If you have not seen him in Space Force on Netflix with Steve Carrell you are missing another consistent, I am smarter than you, why am I even here, Malkovich performance......

#15 Southern Miss » Being Bielema » 2020-12-19 08:55:30

How it started......

How it’s going........


#16 Re: Southern Miss » Signing class » 2020-12-17 20:33:26

Lloydlake wrote:

Looks like this class is shaping up to be much better than normal for USM.
QB heavy with Ty, Tee & Pittman from Magee (who is projected as an "Athlete').
With the return of Tate & Trey, we will have Ty & Tee.  A lot of T's wanting to take snaps next fall.
We need more linemen.

To be fair to Coach Hopson, he was 52 when he signed his last recruiting class....which is one year older than Wilford Brimley when he filmed Cocoon.......


#17 Re: Southern Miss » Damn boys, that Wilbur can sell, sell, sell..... » 2020-12-17 20:24:18

Black Diamond Reb wrote:

Roll Tide 63

Positive Energy 3

Unless they have to vacate this victory in a few years like 93......

#18 Re: Southern Miss » Signing class » 2020-12-17 20:18:53

I am in on the new coach.....mainly because I already spent over 25 years of my life on this place, spent my tuition money and they aren’t sending a refund.

This coach has a strong Twitter game......


#20 Re: Southern Miss » USM Introduces New Coach » 2020-12-13 16:22:14

Like Will or not as the most important hire in program history (I’m in the not camp) he is off to a great start recruiting one of the top athletes in the state to flip to Southern Miss. His biggest job in front of him is convincing Tim Jones to return next season. Sell Tim on staying and that might be the biggest recruit he lands for 2021.

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