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#1 2018-02-04 20:16:21 - Hard-to-watch sports

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Hard-to-watch sports

Spectator sports can be emotionally draining. When I think of hard-to-watch sports, the first thing that pops to mind is the decline of Jake Delhomme.

Jake never really had a chance in New Orleans, something Jim Haslett later admitted. So he went to Carolina, where he was given every chance to succeed.

And he did succeed, coming within inches of a championship. But "Bad Jake" always lurked in the background, ready to emerge and turn the ball over, and 2007 saw Jake undergo a rare-for-a-QB Tommy John surgery.

Jake followed that up with a good 2008 season, but he fell apart in a playoff game versus the Arizona Cardinals. During that game, and during the next game, he was a turnover machine, and he was never the same.

Maybe Tommy John surgery is better-suited to flamethrowing fastball pitchers than quarterbacks. Maybe a few bad breaks just shattered Jake's confidence. Maybe he couldn't deal with the pressure of a big contract.

I don't know, but watching it wasn't fun.

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