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#1 2018-06-29 21:35:41 - Virtual Gilbert 1.0

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Virtual Gilbert 1.0

I said this was in "test" status when I initially posted about it (and that was accurate... somebody at CSNBBS gave me a "D- for execution" LMAO).

Virtual Gilbert should be much-improved now, though. He should stay up-and-running basically 100% of the time. Also, I've educated Virtual Gilbert to avoid the run-on sentences that plagued him in his adolescence, and made him more sophisticated in general.

If anyone has any examples of Gilbert's prose that I haven't incorporated into my system, please share it with me. It will only improve the system. I've included installments 1 and 2 of his latest 3-part email series, plus the two emails that were posted on this site. I'm sure there's other Gilbertspeak out there...


#3 2018-07-01 14:25:22 - Virtual Gilbert 1.0

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Re: Virtual Gilbert 1.0

They couldn't grasp the satire.

I think he drops acid while reading trite management books and then attempts to sell the residue. On that count, you've replaced him very well. Your work should be offered to Bennett as such, for a fee.

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