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#13 2019-10-22 06:33:12 - This week should just about do it........

Mao Tse-gore (200)
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Re: This week should just about do it........

I think we drop this one.

RB's are out, defense sucks, Anderson and Perkins are slow, Maberry runs well, sideways. Jack's back to throwing games away.

We are wounded and confused.

Should be easy meat for a Rice team that is due to win one.

We still suck bigtime.
If it's bad they're for it, if it's good they're against it - democrats!
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#14 2019-10-22 06:47:59 - This week should just about do it........

AndreWhere (996)
From: Dunwoody, GA
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Re: This week should just about do it........

Oh Lord, oh Lord please don't throw us into that briar patch... if we loses to Rice I's fo sho we ain't gwine to no bowl game and dem chirren's gon' spent another Christmas a-squallin', Ah says.

Oh, I just a-prays the hand o' the Lort reach down and beat dem Riceses.

Bring back Reed V. "Pie" TurkPalmer Eustachy.


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#15 2019-10-22 08:06:06 - This week should just about do it........

Nugget's Ghostbuster (1177)
From: U.S. Department of Interior
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Re: This week should just about do it........

Lose to Rice and pull a Houston Cougar......

As soon as the Coogs lost to Tulame, they red shirted their star QB and wide receiver so they could still have a year left to play. Since Houston is still getting new recruits under a new coach that will eventually have a high powered offense he is stacking his team for 2020. Honestly, we lose to Rice we need to get Quez focused on academics and have possibly a top 20 WR group coming back in 2020 not to mention that Jack will have another year of experience under his belt. Hire a new offensive minded coach with these weapons and they can actually do what Hop should have done with what he was given by Monken in year 1.


"There was a great deal of character on that field today. They are for real, no doubt about it. This was no fluke." - Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant


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