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#1 2019-11-10 22:47:27 - let's talk hoops and corch 'lingo'....

stinkfist (653)
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let's talk hoops and corch 'lingo'....

to him as a person, I wouldn't ever speak ill of the man....known him since a tyke....

however, in this realm of adulthood, "wtgdf" is wrong with ewe...

here's our jr. high corch at his finest....gonna be a long season boys and gals... … ss-season/

"It was such a hard-fought game with so many lead changes, and I was disappointed because I thought it would have done wonders for our confidence had we been able to pull it out," Ladner said. "A game is never won or lost by one play. There were too many mistakes overall."



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#2 2019-11-11 10:25:16 - let's talk hoops and corch 'lingo'....

AndreWhere (1108)
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Re: let's talk hoops and corch 'lingo'....

Doc was one of those "don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" things. We've had at least three examples of that in that job within my memory.

What we will get out of USM now is extremely by-the-book box-checking. Every challenge will be met with the most inane, obvious response.

But Muh UAB.

Bring back Reed V. "Pie" TurkPalmer Eustachy.


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#3 2019-11-11 16:23:17 - let's talk hoops and corch 'lingo'....

Nugget's Ghostbuster (1431)
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Re: let's talk hoops and corch 'lingo'....

When has basketball really mattered in the last 25 years? It hasn't.

MK Turk did less with more talent just like Coach Knights rumored comments stated back in the day. I won't deduct points from Jeremy with the Ladner hire because the move was like hiring Snit with the Braves in 2017, something homegrown that is suppose to be temporary until you get settled into your new house. Jeremys first hours on the job are dedicated to the biggest revenue bucket first before looking at those losing dawgs like mens and womens basketball. Heck even baseball is getting money it doesn't have so he can keep the university name from completely falling off the sports relevance map.

So for the next two years, just look at mens basketball as that old beater car taking up space until you actually have time to work on it. By the time that opportunity arrives, you end up selling it to the neighbors kid who just got his permit and the proceeds will go towards a newer project car that needs a little less work but has lots of potential if you fix it right.......


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"There was a great deal of character on that field today. They are for real, no doubt about it. This was no fluke." - Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant


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