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#61 2017-09-07 20:28:50 - Some requested features...

stinkfist (190)
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Re: Some requested features...

admin wrote:
tg300 wrote:

And if I go and come back, some of the threads that say 'new posts' really don't have new posts to me.

Not a big deal, just an observation.

Two suggestions:

1) Stay logged in on all devices

2) Don't use multiple IDs

If you're logging in as both a guest and a registered user, whether from different devices or one device, this is going to happen. Same thing holds true if you log in under multiple IDs. Thanks.

too much to think about....but you got it all figured out, eh?

nobody wants to deal with multiple platform bs.....

you asked for're getting useful free advice from users...arrange the code accordingly or explain why not....

deal the cards within "A" standard, explain 0, or accommodate....your choice man....


it's not the user's problem if you like it or cannot....

is simply my two pennies.....


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