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#1 2019-09-06 22:00:31 - Marshall @ Boise State

AndreWhere (934)
From: Dunwoody, GA
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Marshall @ Boise State

You don't need streaming for this one.

14-7 BSU. Marshall's looking outclassed, particularly in the passing game.

Bring back Reed V. "Pie" TurkPalmer Eustachy.


#2 2019-09-07 07:50:59 - Marshall @ Boise State

Nugget's Ghostbuster (1114)
From: U.S. Department of Interior
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Re: Marshall @ Boise State

56 total yards passing.....176 total offense

Not impressed with Boise. Only 14 points and they had the ball for 40 minutes.......

"There was a great deal of character on that field today. They are for real, no doubt about it. This was no fluke." - Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant


#3 2019-09-07 08:43:27 - Marshall @ Boise State

stinkfist (523)
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Re: Marshall @ Boise State

marshall also has a 'Doc'...

why they didn't pound it with their OL and running game in the 2nd half is beyond me....

it was there early and serviceable....they abandoned that for no reason...

their D is also a force to be reckon'd with....that side of the ball is well corched....

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