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#21 2020-01-31 08:43:27 - Kobe

SoMs Eagle (132)
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Re: Kobe



#22 2020-01-31 21:38:57 - Kobe

USMstang (275)
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Re: Kobe

If one of us did it, we are guilty.  Some "cultures" are OK with that shit.  In the long run, he appeared to have become a good guy.  I don't think he was ever Big Ben (sorry fuck rapist) but I'm sure he had a lot of pussy thrown on him from high school on.  I never researched the rape accusal but I wouldn't be surprised at all if she offered the ass and then went for the cash.  I hope that pussy was as fat as that check he had to write!

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#23 2020-01-31 22:41:34 - Kobe

AndreWhere (1063)
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Re: Kobe

The official story from everyone was that what happened in Colorado was a misunderstanding or miscommunication about what exactly was consented to. I guess that usually isn't prosecuted, though I wouldn't say it's never prosecuted. Two women definitely walked away from it all a lot richer. I'll leave it at that.

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#24 2020-02-01 09:26:32 - Kobe

Tanya (111)
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Re: Kobe

I can’t recall the details, but it was pretty well understood at the time that she was proud of getting in bed with him and his black mamba. Even if the girl is running around town bragging there are some situations where it is easier to write a check than deal with the fallout of false accusations.


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