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#1 Re: Southern Miss » FAU's quarterback quitting football » 2018-01-18 21:00:03

stinkfist wrote:
AndreWhere wrote:

With Driskel gone, FAU fans are touting some De'Andre Johnson character who arrives there via East Mississippi CC after "punching a girl's face in":


I'm with The Knight Time on this one. I've been attacked by women before, and at no point did punching one in the face or anywhere else ever occur to me. That's not "one mistake," it's an incident that reveals his character to be completely rotten.

you're a pussy if you punch a any instance....

I would jump on any motherfucker that would in public......the human piston would drop into overdrive.....

ask slacker.....he's seen me in action....

Mind your own business, or take some lead.

#4 Re: Southern Miss » Ole Miss/State mindset » 2018-01-17 18:42:06

Reggie Favre wrote: … 14679.html

"The Mississippi State-Southern Miss baseball series is still a month away, but MSU fans are already complaining on social media about the cost of tickets for games in Hattiesburg."

Go away chump.

#6 Re: Southern Miss » Falcons @ Eagles, 2018 divisional playoff » 2018-01-16 20:33:30

Stupid fuck bumped about 15 old post up to make a point?   Silly fucking child.  Ban his ass

#7 Re: Southern Miss » Would you like the Lottery in Ms? » 2018-01-16 20:32:20

Please ban this disruptive douche bag please

#10 Re: Southern Miss » Aints or Okios Greek Yogurt? » 2018-01-16 20:30:31

Fuck reginina.  Hes being a disruptive ass.  Ban him.

#12 Re: Politics » NSFW: Michigan State and the "Big Ten" » 2018-01-16 20:24:29

May have our first ban.....ban this fucktard!

#13 Re: Politics » How does calling something a shit hole make one a racist? » 2018-01-16 18:33:46

He never said shit hole.   Backed by folks at the meetimg.

#14 Re: Southern Miss » Do you know anyone that roots for a G5 school (other than USM)? » 2018-01-16 14:16:07

say what you want but there were a lot of promises not kept during expansion as far back as Loserville n Cinci, and continuing thru Memphis and ECU........

#16 Re: Southern Miss » Dawson to Marshall? » 2018-01-15 18:44:48

Anyone that has over 8 plays on the card will do.

#19 Re: Firearms » Glock 19x » 2018-01-14 15:17:48


I really like the extra two 19 round clips and the two additional grips it comes with.   More i look, more i like.   Getting really good reviews.

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