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#1 Re: Southern Miss » Site announcement » Yesterday 10:47:40

stinkfist wrote:

not sure if serious.....if so, kudos and cheers to ya bubby.....

I was still pissed off about Bradford's ridiculous comments so I made my own ridiculous post. I worked in the oil industry for a few years, and I don't miss getting treated like a drowned rat at all.

Had a Cajun once tell me that no one's in that business unless they're out of alternatives, and I think that definitely applies to Bradford. No one who reaches the FBS defensive coordinator drops out of coaching because it's not a lucrative career. At that level, *if you're worth a damn*, you've got your eyes on a seven-figure job.

#3 Re: Southern Miss » Site announcement » 2018-03-21 20:14:13

Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:

Congrats on the oil business opportunity. Those are rare finds......just ask Todd......

I'm basically Todd's boss. He is required by Oklahoma State Statute to hand over his six-shooter to me any time he enters a slaughterhouse or refinery.

#4 Southern Miss » Site announcement » 2018-03-21 19:09:15

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So, I've been thinking about the site lately, and my job administering it.

Conditions are evolving rapidly. The winds of change are blowing hard in the world of college sports, and in the world of college sports websites. Where once we breathed winds most fowl, we now breathe winds most foul. That really stinks.

In that vein, and to that end, I have decided to reconsider an offer made to me by my old friend JR. He has long enticed me with the promise of a giant paycheck and a "ten-gallon-hat full of six shooters" to join him in "oil world."

While the $250,000 salary I earn administering this site does allow for a nice, lower-middle-class existence, I have my children to think of. Who will pay for their "Beanie Babies" and "Tickle My Elmos?" Not, sadly.

As a result, I will be deemphasizing my work here, in favor of a new job as VP of Jock-Sniffing at Edison Callais Offshore.

I will leave the site up, for now, but I will be posting to it much less. If the site goes down, I may not notice as quickly as I would have previously.

Many of you have other ways of reaching me; if you notice the site is down, please let me know. If I'm not too busy frying ribeyes on the exhaust manifold of my Eldorado, I'll try to look into it.

#5 Re: Southern Miss » Baseball vs. Southern University » 2018-03-20 19:12:04

Still scoreless. Middle of the 5th inning.

#6 Re: Southern Miss » Baseball vs. Southern University » 2018-03-20 18:39:24

Still scoreless in the top of the third. Southern has men on the corners, though.

#7 Southern Miss » Baseball vs. Southern University » 2018-03-20 18:10:09

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No score, middle of the 1st inning.

#8 Re: Southern Miss » Marshall vs. WVU » 2018-03-18 22:08:00

stinkfist wrote:
AndreWhere wrote:
stinkfist wrote:

09:06:16 PM    49185432    LS   
Basketball - Live Wager ID:4151393
West Virginia Mountaineers 03/18/2018 (09:06 PM) (Pending)
-7½ -115 for the Game

LiveBetting Straight    57.50    50.00

That is another (consolation) bet I'd probably take. Here's hoping WVU wins by 10. smile

I'm a masochistic glutton betting against the tape wink

there's no way I win this one......dayum whiskey.....

Selection 1:   
Basketball - NCAA
[721] Marshall 03/18/2018 (08:50 PM)
Money Line +185 for the 2nd Half
50.00    92.50    49187976

Still... if WVU wins by 10, you cash out, right?

#10 Re: Southern Miss » Marshall Shocks... » 2018-03-16 19:54:54

stinkfist wrote:
AndreWhere wrote:
stinkfist wrote:

dayum chico, you're looking pretty good right now....

it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they took wvu down too....

Looks like I'm tied for #3 in a 244-man field at work. It's actually a pretty nice prize package if I can win it: a day off, a basketball-shaped bronze trophy, a $100 gift card, and a pizza party for my department. No mini-helmets or beer, though.

hells bells yeah!!!

that's what makes it fun.....

pg-13's cuz has run a football pool for the past ~30 yrs......I'll post that link next's 20 bucks with a winner-take-all payout of father's won it twice - that bastage wink

Someone richer than me should buy that boy cable television so he can post here again.

#11 Re: Southern Miss » Gilbys mentor just got a new job » 2018-03-16 19:52:36

Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:
CajunEagle wrote:

Never seen so many stankin assholes congregated in one place..........

Next time we play in the swamp take it in.......worst fans in the country and its not even close.......

Fresno State? New York Jets?

There are some real jerks out there.

LSU fans certainly make their case.

#12 Re: Southern Miss » Gilbys mentor just got a new job » 2018-03-16 19:51:19

Just emailed Chuck Oliver my thanks for covering USM and he immediately responded with his own take on why he follows USM. If you ever feel like listening to sports radio and you've already heard all you need to know about Ed Orgeron doing the Macarena, give Chuck a listen.

#13 Re: Southern Miss » UTSA @ USM baseball Friday 3/16/18 » 2018-03-16 19:08:17

Hattiesburg American is indeed reporting that this one has been postponed.

I'm not exactly Rex Thompson... could we maybe see a Sunday double-header?

#14 Re: Southern Miss » Site suggestions and feedback » 2018-03-16 19:07:10

Thank you all for your suggestions. Posts in this thread are very much appreciated.

#15 Re: Southern Miss » Gilbys mentor just got a new job » 2018-03-16 18:03:34

Ace Barker wrote:

Who in the Hell is Chuck?


Chuck Oliver is pretty much the only sports media person in Atlanta who knows what he's talking about. I guess Bo Bock qualifies, too, but they've relegated him to a pretty obscure station.

I don't know if you'd call Chuck a USM fan, but he was spotted wearing a USM shirt recently. I think it was the day of the UGA-Bama college football playoff, or maybe the day they announced the CFP match-ups.

#16 Re: Southern Miss » Doc Sadler has been given an extension... » 2018-03-16 17:50:20

Extensions generally look better than a traditional hairpiece, but require more upkeep.

#17 Southern Miss » Finally an answer on exit fees? » 2018-03-14 15:31:49

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This article claims that the last 7 schools to leave CUSA (i.e. the teams that were in CUSA 2.0) paid a combined $6.15 million, or about $880,000 per school. … 957e7.html

It's not "nothing," as I'd speculated, but it's a lot less than the figures that were initially thrown around.

#20 Re: Southern Miss » Music selection » 2018-03-13 21:14:44

Pretty sure that's Ovaltine BTW.

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