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#1 Re: Southern Miss » Aints or Okios Greek Yogurt? » 2018-01-16 21:12:51

USMstang wrote:

We don't need 147 different categories.  Unless another "specialized" area comes up, we are doing just fine and nothing needs to be moved unless there's already a board for it.

Agreed. If something's off-topic but there's nowhere obvious to move it, then I can't move it.

If you want a new board, request it, and use it, and then maybe I'll move shit to it.

#2 Re: Politics » NSFW: Michigan State and the "Big Ten" » 2018-01-16 21:03:16

Reggie Favre wrote:
99beers wrote:

May have our first ban.....ban this fucktard!

i tried to make a bet with you and the loser would be banned.  the admin wouldnt allow it.  maybe you can talk him into allowing it, you dumb fucking worthless loser.

It's not that I wouldn't allow it. If you want to make a bet that would involve you not posting here, or anything else, then that's your prerogative. Gambling debts are debts of honor. The world should not require my intervention to collect gambling debts.

#3 Re: Southern Miss » Watching Army vs. Navy women's basketball... » 2018-01-16 19:57:01

beagle wrote:

Regina is so butthurt. #GoToAGame

People don't like having their shit moved. I'll clean things up every once in a while, but in general threads will stay put while people are still posting on them.

#4 Re: Southern Miss » Aints or Okios Greek Yogurt? » 2018-01-16 19:54:36

Reggie Favre wrote:

Southern Miss -All things Southern Miss related

This thread isn't southern miss related.  It should be moved like the others.

I've moved enough shit for now.

I got some requests to move things, and keeping politics on the politics board is something that polled well. I get the sense that I don't move things as much as many would like.

That said, I do move threads if they're blatantly offensive and off-topic (this has happened once), or, occasionally, if they're off-topic and they've cooled off, but they also have some good posts.

In the latter case, I move the thread just because Google likes for stuff to be well-organized. It really helps the site if I do move threads that generated some traffic, but out of consideration I wait to do it.

Feedback is welcome. You all have my e-mail, and many of you have my phone number. It's actually shown if you Google the site by name.

#5 Re: Southern Miss » Trouble at the gulag? » 2018-01-16 19:51:26

Reggie Favre wrote:

Southern Miss -All things Southern Miss related

This thread isn't southern miss related.  It should be moved like the others.

CSNBBS isn't Southern Miss-related? We formed a grass roots uprising against that mofo.

#6 Re: Southern Miss » Watching Army vs. Navy women's basketball... » 2018-01-16 19:48:47

Reggie Favre wrote:

Southern Miss -All things Southern Miss related

This thread isn't southern miss related.  It should be moved like the others.

This one is definitely USM-related. It makes a relevant comparison to USM in the first sentence.

#7 Re: Politics » Best thing on TV I have ever seen » 2018-01-16 19:18:48

southern miss slacker wrote:

I agree. that doctor is obviously lying. even a lay person can tell just looking at his body language. changing the weight from one foot to the other. . the blinking of the eyes in an up and down motion . the inhaling and exhaling from the nostrils. these are all classic signs of lying.

Are you talking about Trump, or one of those wind-up walking gorillas with the cymbals?

#8 Re: Politics » How does calling something a shit hole make one a racist? » 2018-01-16 19:16:36

southern miss slacker wrote:

this damn boards turning into a shithole.

It seems to me to be pretty well-aligned with what you want. Having one's thread moved is the most severe punishment (if you can even call it that) that anyone will experience on this site.

Because of that, this board far more compatible with the way you want to post than any other board on the Internet, with the possible exception of 4chan. You can go there and post whatever you want with complete anonymity, but their knowledge of USM sports is not exactly encyclopedic in scope.

#9 Re: Politics » How does calling something a shit hole make one a racist? » 2018-01-16 19:09:53

beagle wrote:

Please move these threads to the politics forum.

It will get moved eventually. I generally wait for the thread to cool off before I do that. That said, I do move blatantly offensive threads right away. I moved a pedophile accusation to the politics forum pretty quickly, for example.

This policy is a middle ground between the people who get upset if they can't post whatever they want to the USM forum, and the people who get upset if they see off-topic shit on the USM board.

I wish people would just use the best forum for each post, but forcing them to do so is not in line with the site's philosophy.

#11 Re: Southern Miss » Basketball @ MTSU: it's time for the Stinkfist Fighting 500s !! » 2018-01-13 18:09:22

7-0 MTSU early. Game is on ESPN3, which means I can watch it on one screen while I watch the Falcons / Eagles on another.

#13 Re: Southern Miss » Falcons @ Eagles, 2018 divisional playoff » 2018-01-13 17:32:28

WR screens haven't worked for 15 years. So stupid

#14 Watches » Suntime USM watch » 2018-01-13 16:39:14

Replies: 1


I got one of these as a Christmas gift. I was wary of it at first; generally watches whose value comes from having a specific organization's logo on the dial are pretty flimsy products.

That said, I actually like this watch as a timepiece, logo aside. The bezel is a real unidirectional rotating bezel, marked up in the traditional dive watch way. The movement is Japanese, so it should work well. I haven't done any formal testing, but anecdotally it seems to keep very good time.

Can I find nits to pick? Of course I can, but they're minor. The steel bracelet has a tendency to bind up at times and look less-than-round. I have small wrists, though, and that happens with most watches of this style that I wear.

A better depth rating would be welcome, of course, I believe this is a 3 atmosphere watch. Could be more, but all it says on the back of the case is "water resistant."

All in all, it's just a good, simple watch without any unwelcome frills or creativity.

#15 Re: Southern Miss » Our Athletic Director » 2018-01-13 08:22:45

beagle wrote:
Reggie Favre wrote:

how much money do you give?

$150. $50 Student Eagle Club + $100 Dugout Club

Good. I don't call people out for being mere observers, but I will praise the people who do more, especially students.

I wasn't an every game fan as a student, but I did what I could. I was a coop student, so I only went to USM every other semester, and worked full time the other semesters. Fall 1997 was a work semester, so I had to buy season tickets for football just like anyone else. That wasn't easy to fit into my very small budget, but I made it work.

I probably regretted it at the end of the Spring semester, when my coop money pile ran out and I had to do dirty deeds behind O'Charley's to make rent, but you win some and you lose some.

#16 Re: Southern Miss » USM @ UAB basketball » 2018-01-11 21:08:08

beagle wrote:

one white guy that can't miss from 3 land.

If you lined up "people who can't miss from 3 point land against USM" it would look like a damn Benetton ad.

#17 Re: Southern Miss » USM @ UAB basketball » 2018-01-11 20:56:13

46-27 UAB at the half. Ouch!

#18 Re: Southern Miss » USM @ UAB basketball » 2018-01-11 20:55:38

Eagles attempted 17 three-pointers in the first half.

#19 Re: Southern Miss » USM @ UAB basketball » 2018-01-11 20:12:17

Eagles not taking care of the ball early on.

#20 Re: Southern Miss » OB » 2018-01-07 16:48:18

Sad day for USM. Rest in peace, O.B.

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