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#1 Re: Southern Miss » let's talk hoops and corch 'lingo'.... » Today 09:25:16

Doc was one of those "don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" things. We've had at least three examples of that in that job within my memory.

What we will get out of USM now is extremely by-the-book box-checking. Every challenge will be met with the most inane, obvious response.

But Muh UAB.

#2 Re: Television, Film, and Radio » Richard Jewell » Yesterday 06:42:55

Looking forward to this one.  I remember asking someone (circa 2001) if they ever figured out whether Jewell was guilty. Just goes to show you how biased the coverage was.

Another building that was bombed by the real perpetrator is pretty close to my house. Creepy, creepy,  haunted-looking place.

#3 Re: Southern Miss » UAB Game Thread » 2019-11-09 17:33:54

Mao Tse-gore wrote:

If you let them score you are women!

Crisis averted.

I don't know why their fan has to be so bummed out. That QB they played was clueless. Get the other guy healthy and this game is a toss-up.

#4 Re: Southern Miss » UAB Game Thread » 2019-11-09 17:02:01

Tanya wrote:

UAT and LSU have message boards out there.

Sure, but most of the people here actually went to college.

#5 Re: Southern Miss » UAB Game Thread » 2019-11-09 16:48:50

Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:

Yep......because you want to do that with secret service and snipers in attendance

But it was a pro-Trump gesture! I think!

#6 Re: Southern Miss » UAB Game Thread » 2019-11-09 16:43:42

Some guy who looks like Donnie Tyndall after a thorough degreasing stabbed a "Trump Baby" balloon at the other game and got arrested.

#7 Re: Southern Miss » UAB Game Thread » 2019-11-09 16:38:33

Quez Watkins with the TD catch. 30-2 Eagles.

#8 Re: Southern Miss » Good lawd........ » 2019-11-09 15:57:07

Black Diamond Reb wrote:
AndreWhere wrote:

Hopefully this will give them the kick in the tail they need to beat LSU.


Thank you for his service.

#9 Re: Southern Miss » UAB Game Thread » 2019-11-09 15:55:49

There's some kind of Pine Belt Boy Scouts B.S. going on in the upper deck... little area with a bunch of blue.

I'd like to think it's a military appreciation thing, but those guys seem to all have permission to wear BDUs these days (or whatever they're called now).

#10 Re: Southern Miss » UAB Game Thread » 2019-11-09 15:53:53

Stein pushes one through to make it 20-2 at the half.

#11 Re: Southern Miss » UAB Game Thread » 2019-11-09 15:46:42

Man, the NFL has some good cameramen. That way they just captured the one little soul patch of people in the upper deck and made the stadium look full was Kubrick-worthy.

#12 Re: Southern Miss » UAB Game Thread » 2019-11-09 15:42:34

LOL... OK, if a free kick counts, that might have been a worse punt return.

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