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#1 Re: Southern Miss » Tulane - In the News » 2020-09-22 17:27:01

Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:

This is premature until all the facts come out......

Yeah, once you convict the guy in the court of public opinion it's hard to put the proverbial toothpaste back in the tube.

Anyway, it bears reiterating: Tulane is full of wackjobs. You know masturmidget isn't even the craziest person there.

There's this guy: … 0?src=app#

And who could forget these pictures of courage and independent thinking: … 10e39.html

#2 Re: Southern Miss » Tulane - In the News » 2020-09-22 16:27:38

I see they've cleaned up the headline. Yesterday it was "Worker accused of masturbating in Tulane office sues university after campus police shot him," which was hard to process.

Also, the guy seems to be a midget in his mug shot, so it seems to me's really "buried the lede" here. I mean, if there's one thing more exciting than a masturbation-fueled shootout, it's a masturbation-fueled midget shootout.

#3 Re: Southern Miss » USM vs LA Tech game odds » 2020-09-20 08:59:16

Some people actually thought USM would win by 4 points. I guess that's why the call it "handicapping."

#4 Re: Southern Miss » Things are about to get ugly » 2020-09-20 08:53:54

I know it's not all about wins. The problem is the same problem that finally sank Hopson: you have all these defections, and what coaches used to call "distractions."

A coach would be crucified for using that word now, but that's what they are. Scotty's voice has to compete with ESPN, preacher man, and the likes of "Coach Paulie G." None of them are saying, "go bust your ass and win games for Nowhere State" anymore.

There's still some cachet in a flat-billed crimson hat with an "A" on it, but everywhere else, it's really hard to convince the players they're not dupes of the "system" now. Losing streaks don't help- whether Scotty's the best football coach we have a shot at or not.

And if Scotty does get the job, non-interim, he needs to make a seven-figure salary. If "we's really that po," then "we's really needin' to drop football." 

In fact, me watching in 2021 (to say nothing of spending money) is 100% contingent on USM paying its coaches the prevailing wage for what they do. That's a promise. I wouldn't watch Sean Payton coach USM for $500,000. I am done. Figure it out, or do it without me (and a lot of other people, I'm sure).

#5 Southern Miss » Things are about to get ugly » 2020-09-20 07:34:58

Replies: 9

Seems to me last night's game was pretty pivotal. Win that game, and you've just broken a long losing streak and debuted a new head coach in the best way possible.

Either way, you're probably not beating Tulane, or North Texas, or FAU, but that's kind of the problem, I think. If that's how it unfolds, then it's 8 straight losses and a head coach who's 0-4. Then, maybe the team goes out and beats a really bad UTEP team. Maybe they strike and don't even get on that rusty old DC-10.

After that, there are several games on the schedule that looked winnable, but I'm afraid losing is a disease and USM has contracted it. And unlike LA Tech, those upcoming opponents have all actually been playing games.

Really looks like we get to the end with one or two USM victories, and Walden making a quick exit. It's unfortunate, but I think it hinges on last night and a single point.

#6 Re: Southern Miss » LA Tech @ USM Football 2020 Game Thread » 2020-09-20 07:17:07

AndreWhere wrote:

Walden really betraying his lack of experience going for it on fourth there?

Seems like a really, really bad decision in hindsight.

#7 Re: Southern Miss » LA Tech @ USM Football 2020 Game Thread » 2020-09-19 18:25:51

Walden really betraying his lack of experience going for it on fourth there?

#9 Southern Miss » USM vs LA Tech game odds » 2020-09-19 10:18:28

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These people say they simulated the game 10,000 times (presumably on a computer, not with Lego or blow-up dolls) but they're not telling us what happened: … in-week-3/

Anyway, the Eagles are a 5.5 point favorite. When's the last time USM has covered, though? Has to be October of last year maybe?

#10 Re: Southern Miss » Chris Berman voice....”Prime Time” » 2020-09-17 21:41:34

Mao Tse-gore wrote:

If I cared, this'd be one less thing to worry about.

That sounds like a very depressing slogan for an insurance company.

#11 Re: Southern Miss » "Coach Paulie G" » 2020-09-16 22:43:49

Ace Barker wrote:

i watched both of them. I don't get the deal recording in his car. Is he homeless?

TheChosenOne hinted at the fact that this guy may be having some mental issues. Maybe he thinks hiding in his car is some kind of a security thing. I did detect a lot of over-the-top paranoia in some of the things he said.

Even setting that aside, when he acted like Campfire Gil running off to ECU was some kind of weird thing, that kind of revealed "Coach Paulie G" to be full of crap. I could probably rattle of a dozen reasons why Gilbert hauled ass at the earliest opportunity. Shoot, that leprechaun dude before him left for a school that probably doesn't even have football.

#13 Re: Southern Miss » "Coach Paulie G" » 2020-09-16 07:53:06

I'm a little amazed that I've watched > 30 minutes of this guy's videos, and he's made just one claim of fact: that a player on scholarship was "homeless for 5 days."

Trying to connect the dots, it sounds like that player was panicked by the virus and wanted some sort of special, isolated living arrangement. When he didn't get that, he left campus and was basically floating around somewhere. To further engage in rampant speculation, it seems like Walden and Paulie didn't see eye-to-eye about what unfolded with this player, things came to a head, and the end result was Paulie's unemployment.

"If" that's what happened, I'm with Walden. It is not the role of a leader to fan the fires of panic and paranoia. You're worried about a virus? Fine, viruses are nasty. But when someone in your charge comes to you with such fears, a leader does not inflate them into a "crusade" (Paulie's chosen word). He tries to keep the focus on business as usual.

The other thing Paulie said (which he admits is more hunch than fact) is that players have been opting out of USM football for non-virus reasons, and I think he's 100% right about that. Not exactly a "hot take," but definitely worth acknowledging.

#14 Re: Southern Miss » Can we play LaTech ? » 2020-09-15 16:10:44

I think Tech was down to ~40 healthy players last week, some of them walk-ons. I think chance of playing is less than 50%, based on that. "If" "we" play it'll be interesting to see. I don't think they're a prohibitive favorite according to Vegas... not that you can go by that with USM.

Interesting to note that the latest US News "Best Colleges" rankings were released yesterday, and Tech lost the "Tier 1" status that it always liked to throw in ULL's face.  lol

#17 Southern Miss » Tulane @ USA » 2020-09-12 20:44:39

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Interesting matchup of two of USM's 2020 opponents. USA up by 11 with 5:00 left in the 3rd quarter. Apparently they have a new stadium and Hancock-Whitney bank bought the naming rights. They also have an indoor practice facility, we are told.

#18 Re: Southern Miss » At this point, we need to be pursuing membership into the Sunbelt » 2020-09-12 20:07:41

B&GBU wrote:

I mean it's silly as dog shit that we don't play The Ragin Cajuns!

LA Tech has some weird snobby attitude that will probably keep them from ever playing in a conference with ULL.

It's the same with NMSU and UTEP. You'd think maybe UTEP would want their biggest rival (and the only  other FBS school in that part of the country) in the conference, but there's just way too much bad blood there.

"We" just shoot ourselves in the foot with some of these backfill conference invitations. None of the upside claimed for the 2011-2012 additions has materialized... absolutely none of it.

#19 Re: Southern Miss » At this point, we need to be pursuing membership into the Sunbelt » 2020-09-12 17:06:30

I went to the game @ Troy last year and I had a great time. The crowd was pretty good, and engaged in the game. We had margaritas and funnel cake. The stadium there is a bit rinky-dink (my wife wiped out on some rough concrete and just about broke her leg) but all in all it was just a good college football experience, probably better than what you'd get at any CUSA school other than maybe Marshall.

#20 Re: Southern Miss » Can we give Walden a fair shot? » 2020-09-12 11:55:27

I think that people who are talking about Freeze, or Fedora, etc. right now are revealing themselves to be pretty ignorant of USM football. Making Walton the interim HC is a pretty aggressive move. There is more drama and fuel for speculation in that than in any pie-in-the-sky crap about Freeze or Fedora coaching USM next season.

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