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#1 Re: MLB » Braves clinch tomorrow? » Today 22:00:54

Too close in the 9th......enjoy it tomorrow. Hope you get to see them clinch this.

#2 Re: MLB » Braves clinch tomorrow? » Today 21:24:27

That’s awesome. Heck of a 7th by the Braves. Nationals lost again so put your foot on their throat and close out this game......

#6 Re: MLB » Braves v Phillies » Yesterday 21:08:32

Dansby with the hustle on the double followed by Duda with a double......4-3 Braves B7

#7 Re: MLB » Braves v Phillies » Yesterday 19:40:26

Phillies have 16 pitchers in the pen for this series.......they are all in on this......

#8 MLB » Braves v Phillies » Yesterday 19:06:35

After giving up 1 run in the first the Braves answer with 2 in the bottom half of the inning. Horrible defense on 3 plays by Philly allowed the runs.

Braves need this first one to crush their hopes.....

#9 Southern Miss » Anyone got $500? » Yesterday 18:08:43

You can now get a personalized message from Brett......not sure what the cost is to recruit a two star athlete at USM but maybe we budget another $500 per recruit.....


#10 Southern Miss » New Baseball Uniforms » Yesterday 13:19:17

Shared from another site that shared from another site........

Definitely a fan of the new black uniform with white pants and the black pinstripe. Looks a little Chisox......



#11 Re: Southern Miss » T’Rod Daniels Quits » Yesterday 11:48:42

Per Patty Magee George Payne has a torn ACL and is officially done for the year.

#12 Watches » Apple Watch 4 Release » Yesterday 11:31:11

I made the investment a year ago with AW3 Nike +. I am probably in around $500 to date between the watch, additional watch band, cover screen protector, etc.....

Its been a great investment on two points for me....I do 3.5 miles a day and it is far better managing my workout compared to my fitbit. It provides more relevant information in my exercise dashboard as well. I'm also able to control music now during my run without fiddling with my phone. I didn't spend the additional cash on the LTE version because using it kills your battery at an alarming rate and I don't want to spend another $15 per month with my cell carrier for a feature I will rarely use.

The other benefit involves Siri and my car. I am able to use Siri to voice control my cars stereo easier with having her on my wrist vs trying to yell at her on my phone that is sitting in a cup holder when fighting outside noise driving with the top down.

The new Apple Watch 4 is really health are the new features.......

electro-cardiogram feature (ECG)
fall detection - It will call an emergency contact if you do not confirm you are ok within 1 minute after a fall is detected
There's also a set of heart rate notifications, including one that's looking out of atrial fibrillation (AF)
Walkie-Talkie mode - Cool if you have a network of friends using Apple Watch
Larger capacity for more music
Podcasts now supported
larger screen by using more of the actual screen area compared to previous models

I can see the Apple Watch evolving into a true health monitor over the next 5 years which is great. Probably will also turn into a parenting monitor for us adults that have senior parents out of sight. The larger screen and safety focus makes it appealing for those that want to be more in touch with elderly parents that might need help.


#13 Re: Politics » Bert and Ernie » 2018-09-19 19:46:39

AndreWhere wrote:

Read something in National Review today that mentioned a school where 2/3 of the girls identify as transgender. … orthodoxy/

We as a society have made some very unfortunate decisions about what we portray as "cool." Sadly, that's all a lot of adolescents have to go by now.

Several of those going after Frank Oz were stating that 30% of high schoolers today identify as gay. Have no idea where that stat comes from if it’s even factual.

#15 Re: Politics » Bert and Ernie » 2018-09-19 19:14:19

I never thought of a sexual orientation when I watched them. They were just friends......

#16 Politics » Bert and Ernie » 2018-09-19 16:41:45

It seems that some people find it necessary to label a few muppets created back in the 60's as gay........ because the LGBTQ community needs to label everything in order to feel better about themselves and for attention...........

A former writer for the show that took over Bert and Ernie 15 years after their creation decided that they are in fact gay since he wrote them as gay when he was on the staff of the show......

Only problem......Frank Oz, who created them....."It seems Mr. Mark Saltzman was asked if Bert & Ernie are gay. It's fine that he feels they are. They're not, of course. But why that question? Does it really matter? Why the need to define people as only gay? There's much more to a human being than just straightness or gayness."

This response from the only person of authority on this matter was met with a fury of criticism from the LGBTQ. One dude wrote, "then why does Frank feel the need to identify them as "not gay" That's also a label."

And Frank Oz for the win in his response....."The same need I would feel if Bert were identified as a linebacker for the Colts. It's not honest."

The amount of anger and hate in the responses to Frank Oz and Sesame Street for correcting the writer was unbelievable......but not unexpected. The fact that people actually wanted to argue with the creator as to why they are not gay says everything you need to know......unless you label it as gay, you are homophobic......


#17 Re: MLB » The Hunt for October: Cardinals @ Braves » 2018-09-19 14:34:46

Now if the Phillies sweep the next 4.........

That’s how you “Atlanta” this lead.......

#18 Re: Bitch Board » Overrated/Underrated.... » 2018-09-19 11:46:39

AndreWhere wrote:

I really loved the original SHO with its Yamaha V-6. That engine yearned for the redline.

I just saw where Ford is killing the Taurus......and just about every other sedan they make. Looks like Ford is only going to sell the Mustang, SUVs and trucks going forward

#20 Re: Southern Miss » 2018 USM win prediction thread: week 4 edition » 2018-09-19 11:02:39

This season reminds me of the 2002 team for some reason. I think we kept flipping between D'Angelo and Almond as a starter that season. Sure, we had Nix on offense (and that was it) and a young and talented D with Davis, Boley and Pruitt. Our defense will be good in conference this season. Still think Shaunfield is going to win us 2+ games with his leg. I went to the USF game in 02 in Tampa and remember how deflated I felt when we lost. They turned out to be a good team that year but it was still the fact that we lost to a team named South Florida. I feel like ULM is the USF for us this year.

I believe Quez will continue to be special for us as he progresses this season. I think Griggs is going to be the guy going forward for some reason. The Rice game will tell the tale of how we come together going forward. We will fight our way to 7 wins this season.

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