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#4 Southern Miss » Thank the Lord for Pluto TV/Stadium » 2021-07-28 16:16:59

Per the Big 12 Commish, ESPN has been proactively contacting other conferences to poach remaining members of the Big 12. Why? It would be financially beneficial to the world wide leader in sports for the league to dissolve instead of Texas and OU paying off exit fees or negotiating an early exit prior to the 2025 commitment. ESPN still owes Texas significant fees for the Longhorn Network and those fees will go towards the estimated 90 million it’s going to cost Texas to leave the Big 12. If the Big 12 were to fold, fees would go away. The Big 12 has sent a cease letter to ESPN to stop recruiting the remaining institutions to other conferences.

This would never happen on Judys watch. She is too smart to allow Pluto TV or Stadium to use it’s influence against CUSA.

#5 Re: Southern Miss » Conference Play » 2021-07-26 14:49:37

Southern Miss…..showing up at the next AAC conference meeting to tell the current member institutions that we are up to 1700 more season tickets in the Will Hall era…….


#6 Re: Southern Miss » Conference Play » 2021-07-26 11:02:30

Bleacher Eagle wrote:

Sadly, I don't expect us to be proactive with anything.

Jeremy will be proactive, I have no doubt but it takes the person on the other end of the phone to answer it and buy whatever Jeremy is selling. Southern Miss is not a priority call to take for anyone outside of the Belt or MWC and our focus should be less AAC and more regional affiliations because we are who we are at no fault of Jeremy.

AAC has to sell itself to the remnants of the Big 12. It’s not like Ok St and the Big 12 won’t have better options. They could easily pursue BYU, Boise St, Colorado, the AZ schools and minimize the damage. People don’t realize that the Big 12 just offered Texas and OU a media payout offer share of 90 million a year per vs 23 million a year for each remaining team just to keep them in the conference. The AAC is chump change almost on par with MWC.

I would take a larger regional conference with the LaLa’s, Coastals, Appy St, DBU for baseball, Liberty, etc vs playing Tulsa or USF. The appeal of the AAC died a long time ago. They moved on. We should as well.

#7 Re: Southern Miss » Conference Play » 2021-07-26 06:32:05

Almost zero chance CUSA and Sun Belt don’t do anything. Do some kind of merger for better regional play.

Big 12 and PAC 12 must form a super conference or they are both dead men walking.

Boise has been dying to move and now will pimp out to get out. Where? Don’t know but would imagine they will be wherever BYU ends up.

AAC needs another football school. They are on record as wanting to absorb the remaining Big 12. Liberty is looking good right now and would be ahead of UAB IMO for the AAC bid to replace UCONN. UCF has the biggest bark to get out right now and the ACC might take them as a regional fit.

Big 10 would be wise to add Okie St and maybe Kansas……maybe

I am personally more tied to seeing what happens to schools like Okie St, Baylor, TCU, UCF and Liberty. All of them have dropped significant real dollars to boast their identity. Put up or shut up time for their donors investment.

#8 Re: Southern Miss » New Uni’s……..and helmets » 2021-07-23 15:35:10

Love the Partridges……Susan Dey back in the day……

#9 Re: Southern Miss » Here we go again……… » 2021-07-23 15:32:59

Lloydlake wrote:

Rule to live by:  If there is a MARTA stop, don't stop.

Hahahahaha. I took Marta everywhere when I was 18. Concerts at Lakewood, Omni, underground, Braves games, airport,  etc…but would not do the same today.
I knew when they added the train stop to Perimeter Mall 25 years ago that downtown crime would follow to Dunwoody. It did eventually but what’s going on now in the “burbs” is borderline takeover. Shootings, drag racing in the middle of the day in once affluent neighborhoods, robberies, assaults…..I even heard about two dudes shot and killed on a golf course in Kennesaw by a rapper dude from the Brookhaven area. Crime is growing at a ridiculous pace everywhere.

#10 Re: Southern Miss » New Uni’s……..and helmets » 2021-07-23 10:56:12

The logo looks more like an Eagle profile when it’s on its side. They should market this on a t shirt. You’re welcome…….


#11 Re: Southern Miss » Here we go again……… » 2021-07-23 10:34:37

AndreWhere wrote:

I always thought the Atlanta WNBA team should be named the East Point Gold Diggers. People could really relate to that, you know what I'm sayin'?

Atlanta Dream……..Atlanta United……Atlanta Vision(back in the day)……..someone needs to secure the naming rights for The Atlanta Exodus if they keep that crime up at Lennox and Phipps in Buckhead.

#12 Re: Southern Miss » Here we go again……… » 2021-07-23 08:25:52

AndreWhere wrote:
SoMs Eagle wrote:
Mao Tse-gore wrote:

I'm sure Mr. Potato Head has our crack athletic staff working in shifts.

On what pray tell?

C-USA re-branding. Current name is too nationalistic and triggers colonialized peoples in a problematically problematical way.

We could become the Guardian Conference………

#13 Re: Southern Miss » Nick's Ice House up in flames » 2021-07-23 08:24:36

Has senor frogs burned down for the insurance check yet or………..

#14 Re: Southern Miss » Here we go again……… » 2021-07-22 16:36:34

Rumors of a state law/block in Oklahoma to prevent a separation of Okie St and Ok is false. Politicians will definitely fight it but no legal grounds exist to prevent it. Still wouldn’t be surprised to see Okie St and another school from the ACC join TX and OU when this move is finalized.

Only play the remaining Big 12 leftovers will have is to join the PAC 12. Include Boise and SDSU. They both need each other and the idea of just adding Houston and a UCF or Memphis to replace Texas and OU is laughable. AAC is probably already on the phone with Boise right now but they have a better option coming. I could see the AAC adding 4 from CUSA, a few from the Sun Belt and Liberty very soon. The SUNCUSA will merge and add Dallas Baptist.

The next few weeks will be fun to watch.

#15 Re: Politics » Have we done a board “poll” on who is/isn’t vaccinated? » 2021-07-22 16:23:02

I will be going the Pfizer path tomorrow. Hopefully with the same success you had.

#16 Re: Southern Miss » Here we go again……… » 2021-07-22 16:21:39

I would say this is probably a done deal…

#17 Politics » Have we done a board “poll” on who is/isn’t vaccinated? » 2021-07-21 16:11:31

I live in Texas and it’s in my land owner agreement not to get vaccinated as a Texan but I think I may jump state lines and get the shots……I just wanted to wait and see if the other vaccines went south like that J&J rush job did out of the gate…..

#18 Re: Southern Miss » Here we go again……… » 2021-07-21 16:06:13

New PAC 12 Commissioner for the win…….


#19 Re: Southern Miss » Here we go again……… » 2021-07-21 15:21:42

Acceptance requires a majority vote by the members of the SEC. Texas AM already sharing how they feel……



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