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#1 Re: Southern Miss » UNT @ USM football 2019 game thread » Today 10:19:28

B&GBU wrote:

A solid secondary would enable a serious run to the top of CompostUSA. Worth the drive to Ruston I sho am be thinkin up in heah.

This west division is going to start eating itself up here starting with last night. La Tech might not be bad so we win there and it’s definitely the drivers seat going forward. We lose in Ruston it’s going to be difficult seeing La Tech losing two in conference the rest of the way.

#2 Re: Southern Miss » Week 7 » Today 09:05:40

If SMU wins out they will have a far better resume than Boise seeing that they already beat a top 25 Big 12 team on the road and will have played at least one more top 25 team in Cincinnati in the AAC title game if everything holds. Besides the AAC is far better than the MWC this season.

The CUSA title game is shaping up to be a duplicate of last season. You will have USM at FAU two weeks in a row just like MTSU and UAB last year. Might see a legit 4K crowd in Boca if that happens.

#3 Southern Miss » Week 7 » Today 05:56:29

WKU looks as if they can win the east now. Impressive win against a scrappy Army team. Held them scoreless until the 4th and only gave up 8 points to Army who averaged over 35 points over their past 3 games.

La Tech almost hit 70 yesterday against UMASS. Who knows how good they are. Only one loss so far at Texas but struggled against Grambling and Rice.

Memphis will drop out of the top 25 after a loss to Temple. Honorable mention to their unis yesterday.

Boise is probably going to finish as the top G5 ranked school beating absolutely zero quality opponents.

Baylor coach should be the hottest P5 hire in the offseason with Norvell from Memphis not far behind him.

Jalen Hurts is going to win the Heisman for Oklahoma’s third in a row trophy

Herm Edwards to AZ St from ESPN wasn’t a gimmick

Taggert buyout still north of $16 million after being dismantled by Clemson

Coach O won’t beat Saban

Missouri should sue Iowa for uniform theft

MS St might not get to 6 wins

The state of Georgia had the worst sports week ever. UGA was overrated.

Tulane just keeps rolling. Next weeks game at Memphis should be legit.

#4 Re: Southern Miss » UNT @ USM football 2019 game thread » Today 05:23:20

Was reading the Mean Green board and the number of people calling for the firing of Seth Littrel seemed over the top considering how good UNT has been under him. A deeper look and the reality is he hasn’t really done much of anything and he has the highest salary in conference at $1.425 million per season. His best team was in his second season, 2017. Made it to the CUSA Championship but got blown away by the Lane train. Got to 9 wins last season but had bad losses to ODU and Charlotte before getting destroyed by Utah St in the New Mexico Bowl. In fact, he hasn’t won a bowl game, going 0-3 to date. Mason Fine has been his qb all 4 seasons. If we were in year 4 paying $1.4 to our coach and sat at 2-4 with our two wins against an FCS team and UTSA I don’t think we would be feeling like we are getting our dollar value.

Things like this just reminds me of how lucky we were to have Todd Monken. Probably the best coach we ever had considering everything he had to deal with.

#6 Re: Southern Miss » UNT @ USM football 2019 game thread » Yesterday 20:28:25

We took out the top CzuSA rusher and Mason Fine. We need to keep passing and make a 3-4 score statement.

#8 Re: Southern Miss » UNT @ USM football 2019 game thread » Yesterday 20:17:02

AndreWhere wrote:

Quez Watkins just ran away from their whole team.

Adams would have scored....

#10 Re: Southern Miss » UNT @ USM football 2019 game thread » Yesterday 20:09:35

Just a friendly reminder this is the point of the game the last three seasons we wet the bed against UNT

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