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#1 Re: Southern Miss » For those in the 'burg... » Today 15:36:25


The University of Southern Mississippi Intelligence Community believes that the Russian government is actively involved with negatively influencing the Hattiesburg voter ballots on the 1 percent hotel and restaurant tax increase. (STOP)

This began months ago when a local planted Russian Agent initiated an online campaign to generate discord through social media to vote down the tax, known as code name "Toby Taco Tax." (STOP)

The leaders of the USM intelligence agency have noted that Russia, in coordination with other state universities and BDR, have been spreading disinformation through fake Golden Eagle social media accounts in order to divide Hattiesbugians and foster anti-GoldenEaglism. (STOP)

Please notify local, state and federal authorities if you encounter this alleged Russian Agent......


#3 Southern Miss » Dozier » Yesterday 21:35:18

Feeling it......3 long balls in last 4 games.......

#5 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-20 20:05:10

Well at the end of the day Ladner is our man, right or wrong...let’s give him what he needs to be successful.....

Go Eagles!

#6 Re: Southern Miss » Baseball vs. Charlotte » 2019-04-20 20:03:48

Och is a good kid. Just didn’t have anything to deliver today. Stanley Steamer cleaned up the rest....

#7 Re: Southern Miss » Baseball vs. Charlotte » 2019-04-20 12:53:14

Stanley then gets a strike out and a ground out. Eagles win and sweep......

#8 Re: Southern Miss » Baseball vs. Charlotte » 2019-04-20 12:49:43

Och gets yanked after a walk. Runners on the corners, one out. Stanley in to pitch. 8-6 USM

#9 Re: Southern Miss » Baseball vs. Charlotte » 2019-04-20 12:44:02

8-6 USM 1 Out

Charlotte has a guy on 3rd.....

#10 Re: Southern Miss » Baseball vs. Charlotte » 2019-04-20 12:43:21

The Ochness monster sucks

8-5 USM T9 and he gives up a leadoff single, followed by a double.

Never easy......

#11 Re: Southern Miss » 3rd Assistant measure defeated...not good for College Baseball » 2019-04-19 18:32:53

Its a sport that doesn't generate profit and is managed as a luxury item for most power conference schools.

Look at University of Texas as an example. Revenue for baseball is at $5.5 million. Expenses exceed revenue so they operate in the red each year. One of the most successful programs in college baseball loses money as it stands today in a sport they typically dominate in.

LSU is one of the only national programs that turns a profit........barely. Their operating expenses come in around $5.8 million. Revenue comes in around $6.3.

Regarding total athletic revenue, Southern Miss took in nearly $2 million less in 2018 than it did the previous year, with total revenue of $23.984 million (it was $25.915 million in 2015-16). At the same time, expenses only decreased by $663,842, leaving USM with an on-paper deficit.

Ticket sales were down as were contributions. Southern Miss was last in Conference-USA in revenue, and No. 126 nationally last year.

I love college baseball but it isn't growing enough to keep adding on expenses especially when you have other required sports that bleed money like sand volleyball just so the ladies have equal opportunities.

#13 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-19 12:09:36

Here’s my question......Jeremy mentioned the search committee for our basketball coach. How much money did it cost us to retain that firm? If you knew it was going to be Jay.....and don’t tell me it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that it was going to be Jay.....why piss away more cash and hire a firm to find you a coach just for show?


#14 Southern Miss » Why does a bunny represent Easter? » 2019-04-19 10:00:21

I get that bunnies have high fertility rates and that spring represents rebirth but is it really as simple as you see more bunnies in the spring so we will just go with that over yellow pollen or hail storms?

Enjoy the Easter celebration this weekend. We play two today if thats even possible. The storms that rolled over north Texas hit MS hard yesterday from what I saw on the news so who knows if they get any baseball in today. D1 Baseball has us as one of the last five in with La Tech winning the tourney and FAU looking in from the outside as one of the last five out. The way we are playing is so disappointing. The only small glimmer of hope is that this team is almost identical to the 2009 squad at this point. We were 21-12 coming off a series win against Houston that season, sitting at 8-4 in conference but we were about to lose 2/3 to UAB at home. We had an overall better non conference record but still had some terrible losses to ULM and Northern Colorado with an RPI of 292. We finished the last half of our season going 10-11 but going 3-1 in the CUSA tourney with the lone loss to RPI 9 Rice got us in by the seat of our pants.....The rest is history.....

#15 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-18 12:46:26

Mao Tse-gore wrote:

But, will JL, with his local legacy, be used strongly out front to promote the tax increase vote for RG upgrades?

Hattiesburg isn’t the same place Ladner left. He’d actually take votes away in today’s burg....

#16 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-18 10:48:21


Talked about 87 NIT game against Ole Miss. He said there was a line hours before tipoff to get into Reed Green. Said a lot of good teams have lost in RGC and its about to start again.

He has received thousands of texts since he was hired last night.

He has been asked how can USM fans help. He said buy tickets for all sports, not just basketball. He said buy tickets for Joyes team as well.....she is there at the presser.......not sure why she is still employed

He didn't take this job to have a foot out the door for the next one.....this is home and he wants to prove everyone that has supported him right.

#17 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-18 10:43:04


He talked about the Rock when it was one level.....and when we added the second level we played home football games in Biloxi against Cal St Fullerton

He talked about Juan Cox coming to USM to play basketball

Corky in attendance....Jay talked about playing baseball behind Van Hall

To answer BDR I think he is saying we can win the National Championship. He referenced that Louisville did it and its time for USM to do it......

#18 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-18 10:31:44


He recruited some of the guys on the current USM roster

His brother Stu played football at USM

Several players and coaches from the late 80's in attendance

Big shout out for MK Turk. Talked about what Coach Turk meant to him.

Essentially reading off his resume to the audience. OG Coach Breland in attendance and thanks him for his support, bringing him to near tears...

"We're in it to win it" is his slogan.....look for yard signs coming soon once we run out of those #30KTIMES5 run out.....

#19 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-18 10:20:34


Jeremy wanted a connected local recruiter. Someone that could energize the fanbase.

Jeremy said Rick Pitino reached out but wasn't a good fit when we continued to refer to us as Ole Miss.....

Per Jeremy SELA was on probation when Jay took them over....did not know that

Jay Ladner takes the podium...

you can tell his emotion is high..genuine....very humbled to get this chance

Grew up/Lived in Oak Grove when it wasn't cool to live in Oak Grove.....

Thanked the Lord first......Doc Bennett, Jeremy, Jeff Mitchell.....He didn't think Bennett would hire him after the interview. Told his wife we are staying in Hammond....

Thanked the players for the honor to be their coach.

His parents are in attendance. Dad taught at USM near the old fieldhouse.....damn I remember that building.

#20 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-18 10:09:54

Live Presser Highlights.......

Rodney making light of Jeremy not technically getting paid while hiring a new basketball coach

Rodney was motivated so much by Jays love for USM that he is going to suit up this fall and play.......

Juan Cox continues to love on Rodney as much as humanly possible with his introductions

Jeremy McClain takes the podium. Jeremy will send Rodney a bill for working without pay

Jeremy first thanks Turks wife and daughter who were in attendance.....class move

Jeremy also thanked the basketball team during the process...

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