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#1 Re: Southern Miss » Southern Miss Cafeteria » 2019-08-13 22:01:36

I want to sit at a table with Cat Cora.... Learn how to cook good shit to eat!

#2 Re: Southern Miss » I think he can still play today » 2019-06-29 13:11:50

Bretts worth millions and his golf glove looks like that.... He kills me.

#3 Re: Southern Miss » Well hello, Southern Miss...... » 2019-06-24 21:18:08

Two thoughts...

1. Troy and Delta St. both did really well under McClain. I'd like to think he's already on it. It'll be his chance to shine when others didn't do shit.

2. I wonder if there is a Gilbert factor. He has inside info on our program. That COULD be beneficial if he was on our side getting in. He could possibly lobby for what we might accomplish with a little money coming in.

Not getting my hopes up at all on this.. Just random thoughts.

#5 Re: Southern Miss » Bryant Bowen is transferring » 2019-06-21 07:53:58

Probably chasing more than her looks... if you know what I'm saying.

#6 Re: Television, Film, and Radio » Rocky IV Sequel Called Creed 2 » 2019-06-18 07:53:22

All the setup from Rambo 5, or whatever that's up to now. Spoiler alert, Rambo goes cowboy.

#7 Re: Southern Miss » Baton Rouge Super Regional » 2019-06-10 07:48:01

It was an incredible Super. Very fun to watch.

#8 Southern Miss » Sunday game times? » 2019-06-02 23:08:33

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How are the regional game times decided?
Regardless of team, 2:00 and then 8 seems close... Why not first game @11?

#11 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-19 23:26:18

How much money was actually spent vs. Spinning a search in the media?

#12 Re: Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-17 23:49:34

I'm pretty indifferent at the end of the day. I hope he succeeds.... Whatever that means now.

#13 Southern Miss » So Ladner... » 2019-04-17 21:31:32

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Any thoughts on this one way or another?

#14 Re: Southern Miss » New basketball coach » 2019-04-17 21:15:56

Yeah, I got a chuckle at mine too!

#15 Re: Southern Miss » New basketball coach » 2019-04-17 16:00:07

Dropped EC and tix after Monk left and we got the low $$$ coach... Nothing really against Hop, I hope he succeeds to the fullest. I only made it up to one game last year. There was a time when I'd make the drive for every home game. If the people in MS, especially south MS, aren't willing to support USM, then I damn sure don't feel guilty about not driving 4 hours, paying for hotels, food, etc. Hopefully one day I'll join back up, but for now it's too expensive and just not worth it.

#17 Re: Southern Miss » USM Introduction of New AD » 2019-04-10 09:49:25

I've been wanting him as our next AD since he got here. I think he'll do a good job.

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