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#1 Re: Southern Miss » Blake Anderson » 2018-12-13 07:48:40

Stage 4 ain't a good sign. That's for sure not something you want to hear.

#2 Re: Southern Miss » Well Done, Hop » 2018-12-07 07:34:22

I saw Patty Mac got in a Twitter argument last night with some woman about this kid and whether we'd play him at QB or move him.

#3 Re: Southern Miss » The plan » 2018-12-04 07:19:49

AndreWhere wrote:

Hopson and company are going to have to figure out how to get people back into the stadium, and that may be his undoing. The fans just aren't buying what he's selling.

You speak the truth! And we all know money is a huge problem.

#4 Re: Southern Miss » Championship Saturday » 2018-12-01 18:15:25

Watching that game only reinforces how far they've all left us in the dust. It F'N sucks guys..... Nuff Said

#5 Re: Southern Miss » Just my opinion on this board » 2018-12-01 16:59:13

Well NG.... She's going to FSU most likely.

USM's lack of effort really surprises and like said above.. I'm afraid it's more universal than just athletics.

#6 Re: Southern Miss » Just my opinion on this board » 2018-12-01 16:45:51

admin wrote:
EagleFWB wrote:

I've been very disappointed in the way the school is handling her musical recruitment.

That was supposed to be something USM was good at sad

The short version is that last January she went to USM All South for concert bands. She was the first chair principal player for her instrument out of every one there. Yet as of right now we have not received any letters or recruitment etc. From USM...and she's already been accepted to the school. We get mail daily from schools all over the country.. Not USM..... And her mother was a member of the Pride.

That's the short version. Their lack of effort just really surprises me.

#7 Re: Southern Miss » Just my opinion on this board » 2018-12-01 09:48:07

Stang I think you're right about it being more than just athletic program. I'm going through a situation right now with my oldest daughter who's a senior in HS... I won't hijack this thread with details, but I've been very disappointed in the way the school is handling her musical recruitment.

I definitely see a similarity happening and it makes me wonder if it's University wide.

#9 Re: Southern Miss » Just my opinion on this board » 2018-11-29 08:23:49

tg300 wrote:

The Eaglepost Fb page has become populated with an inordinate amount of toppers, most of whom you can't even joke with.

Still have some fun poking the bear then watching the shit show.

Had to leave that group... was driving me nuts!

#10 Re: Southern Miss » Jamie Arrington TTT Talk Discussing Jon Gilbert on ECU Sports Radio » 2018-11-27 11:05:44

Totally agree with you NG about McClain... 100%. The big question is, why in the hell would he ever come back? Troy is moving in a good direction, it's probably a better job than USM right now, and I would think he could move up to a bigger school from there.

#11 Re: Southern Miss » Every Southern Miss Fan is Getting an Early XMAS Gift! » 2018-11-18 09:36:53

Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:

I’d say he’s been away too long to be connected but maybe being a part of that committee that meets in Dallas these days has given him a little more street cred.....who’s the dude that went to Troy? Ask for forgiveness and offer him more money.....

Jeremy McClain... Should have been who we hired this time. IMHO we should throw the money at him, but if I'm being honest I'm not sure that he doesn't have a better job already at Troy.

#13 Re: Southern Miss » CFB Eliminator - this says all you need to know » 2018-10-25 07:52:52

Having lived in Florida for the last 20 years I can assure you that very few people (state population %) give a rats ass about UCF.

There are three schools in the state, period.... All the others are pretty meaningless.

That said, don't get me wrong UCF, FAU, USF, etc. all have significant advantages over USM in every possible way.

#14 Re: Southern Miss » Attendance woes: want your thoughts » 2018-10-24 10:11:59

Or could it be that they are counting every seat for each box/suite for padded attendance numbers regardless of whether or not they are full?  So the actual butts in regular seats is down significantly over the last few years because fans are tired of crap, but the padded suite numbers offset so they blow the smoke of 21k attendance.

The naked eye test tells a much different story than "we'll be fine".

#15 Re: Southern Miss » Attendance woes: want your thoughts » 2018-10-24 06:43:41

Close off the upper decks until the lower are sold out. Then it least it won't look totally apathetic on TV.

#16 Re: Southern Miss » Attendance woes: want your thoughts » 2018-10-22 09:10:50

Bottom line is you have a core fan base who is tired of years and years of poor decisions by the admin. We are in a horrible conference with no rivals because all the teams that were rivals have moved on to greener pastures while here we sit. We've watched teams we beat the hell of of leave us in the dust. We constantly squander any momentum that we ever get by making dumbass coaching hires, etc. We've all talked about this for years over and over again. Unless something major changes, and soon, I just don't see it turning around. There is little to no enthusiasm any more.

For what it's worth, there does appear to be a buzz about our unhappiness within the coaching community. Not sure if that is worth a squirt of piss right now, but at least there's a little smoke.

#17 Re: Southern Miss » Music selection » 2018-10-20 21:15:40


Picked up this little Orange micro terror head about two weeks ago.... Little thing is bad ass! Crazy sound for such a small package. Go YouTube it and check it out.

#18 Re: Southern Miss » UTSA USM Game Thread » 2018-10-20 21:11:15

Mao Tse-gore wrote:

More like 12k max. including the band. This is unsustainable.

Unfortunately, I don't see it getting better any time soon.

#19 Re: Southern Miss » Bower or LFed.... » 2018-10-17 14:41:21

Word on the street is that Monken to MSU was a done deal, but he wasn't coming until after the season and they were concerned about the recruiting impact that would have.

#20 Re: Southern Miss » UNT USM Game Thread » 2018-10-13 12:59:27

This is like watching paint dry.

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