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#1 Re: Southern Miss » Had about enuf of this bullshit Dammittt! » 2020-04-20 21:51:12

AndreWhere wrote:

I don't patronize hookers

Shame on you for not supporting your local economy. Sex workers need stimulus just like the rest of us.

#2 Re: Southern Miss » Another one..... » 2020-04-18 20:35:22

AndreWhere wrote:

Good write-up on this transfer: … 159802002/

Early on, it says that Jaden just didn't think he would get "the opportunities he was promised" at USM. And the main reason for his transfer? "Bobby Petrino."

To me, this is a pretty damning indictment of Hopson and his staff. You had this guy sitting on the bench while Abraham threw 15 interceptions, and now he's leaving because he feels the USM coaching staff broke a promise.

Hobson was just trying to build his character through some meaningless adversity. These damn millennials just don’t get it.

#3 Re: Southern Miss » So how many of you people are wearin a mask now? » 2020-04-11 15:03:57

admin wrote:

I'd wear one but I don't own one. Is it, like, something you get at Party City?

#4 Re: Southern Miss » Another one..... » 2020-04-08 20:21:04

Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:
Ace Barker wrote:
EagleFWB wrote:

If only the Bower study hall was open... Could have really helped him keep his grades up.

What was to be a building turned into a floor in the library. What a mismanaged disaster that project and lack of fundraising was.


Wonder what Hops gonna get immortalized with for all of his years in Hattiesburg?


Bottomless Natty Lights at 4th Street

#5 Re: Southern Miss » Another one..... » 2020-04-07 16:31:52

Good for him. It’s gotta be a step up in coaching talent.

#6 Re: Southern Miss » ..Gas.... 87 cents a gal in Nawlins. » 2020-04-02 22:52:35

Nugget's Ghost wrote:


How's everybody else's anxiety & sanitizer OCD doin?

I’ve been having a blast out in public now that there are no people there. It turns out I like where I live. It’s the people I can’t stand being around.

#7 Re: Southern Miss » July 1 Deadline for College Football » 2020-04-01 18:49:29

Nugget's Ghost wrote:

...Tater Tot just issued the "stay the fuck at home" directive for all missippi foke.

Just pretend it’s game day at The Rock.

#8 Re: Southern Miss » July 1 Deadline for College Football » 2020-03-27 14:12:40

Lloydlake wrote:

If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one around to hear it, does it make any sound ?

Only if the tree lands on a bear shitting in the woods.

#10 Re: Southern Miss » My Corona...... » 2020-03-17 19:48:50

Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:

USM spring commencement officially canceled.

Maybe USM is on their way to becoming The University of Phoenix

It’s all about where you’re going, Antonelli College!!!

#11 Re: Southern Miss » NCAA fans banned due to coronavirus » 2020-03-12 20:03:30

Jay Hobson will spin Corona into a lifetime contract.

#12 Re: Southern Miss » My Corona...... » 2020-03-11 19:37:59

Jay Ladner was just ahead of his time.

#13 Re: Southern Miss » When One of Us...... » 2020-03-08 17:42:10

Apparently, McClain is working diligently to produce a similar picture at PTP. The guy really must hate Southern Miss.

#14 Southern Miss » What’s the Ole Miss score? » 2020-03-08 10:08:35

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How’d State do? Does anyone know what the attendance is like at The Pete this weekend?

#16 Re: Southern Miss » When One of Us...... » 2020-03-04 19:56:56

Somewhere a die hard Jay Ladner supporter is on his couch criticizing people on social media for not supporting the guy he won’t buy a ticket for.

#17 Re: Southern Miss » HA Official Staff changes » 2020-02-28 15:32:31

There was still hope in 2012. There are only idiots left in 2020.

#18 Re: Southern Miss » This doesn't sound good. » 2020-02-28 13:29:19

Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:

"On behalf of the University, the Department of Athletics, and as a community member, I am proud and honored to announce this facility," Gilbert said. "It is certain to be a point of pride, as it stands to serve our student-athletes, our student body, and community constituents for years to come."

I’m sure this entire idea was hatched while that Nancy woman and Gilbert were out on one of his secretive woodland extravaganzas. At least it wasn’t a coed this time.

#19 Re: Southern Miss » This doesn't sound good. » 2020-02-28 00:16:24

Y’all remember when people were trying to tear this University apart over hair gel? Those people won. The fact that our biggest capital improvement lately was an unnecessary and unwanted facility that steals from the poorest amongst us is a perfect end result to the salt that was poured in the fields from 08-11. Fuck the “one of us” crowd and anyone that still holds a grudge for us trying better. This is on you.

#20 Re: Southern Miss » This doesn't sound good. » 2020-02-27 16:56:13

Not to mention the approximately half million Reed Green has received already from the new tax with no transparency about how it is being or will be spent.

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