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#1 2017-12-23 14:04:40 - Favorite movies

AndreWhere (894)
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Favorite movies

A few of mine:

Barfly - Mickey Rourke plays an over-the-top barstool philosopher.

Rush - Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jason Patric play narcs who are in too deep.  Gregg Allman shows off his acting skills.

Sling Blade - Billy Bob Thornton plays a murderous simpleton recently released from the "nervous hospital."

The Corndog Man - A story full of weirdos and trolls. Seems like a pretty authentic slice of South Carolina life.

Existenz - Jennifer Jason Leigh in a sort of "B" rate Matrix-type film. I liked it better than The Matrix, which struck me as a bit pretentious.

The Dead Zone - Christopher Walken in Steven King's story about a troubled psychic and a dangerous demagogue.

Juno - Pretty uplifting "don't kill your baby" message.

Almost Famous - A little story of growing up in a more innocent time.

Dune - Maybe the most ominous and disgusting thing ever put on film. At least, it's as ominous and disgusting as anything I'll watch.

That's My Boy - Adam Sandler tries to mentor the now-grown product of an underage affair he had with his teacher.

Cabin Boy - Chris Elliot absurdist piece featuring an old-timey sailing ship that somehow has a microwave. Crazy old David Letterman is somehow cast in this one.

Bring back Reed V. "Pie" TurkPalmer Eustachy.


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