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#1 2018-01-13 16:39:14 - Suntime USM watch

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Suntime USM watch


I got one of these as a Christmas gift. I was wary of it at first; generally watches whose value comes from having a specific organization's logo on the dial are pretty flimsy products.

That said, I actually like this watch as a timepiece, logo aside. The bezel is a real unidirectional rotating bezel, marked up in the traditional dive watch way. The movement is Japanese, so it should work well. I haven't done any formal testing, but anecdotally it seems to keep very good time.

Can I find nits to pick? Of course I can, but they're minor. The steel bracelet has a tendency to bind up at times and look less-than-round. I have small wrists, though, and that happens with most watches of this style that I wear.

A better depth rating would be welcome, of course, I believe this is a 3 atmosphere watch. Could be more, but all it says on the back of the case is "water resistant."

All in all, it's just a good, simple watch without any unwelcome frills or creativity.


#2 2018-01-13 17:41:02 - Suntime USM watch

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Re: Suntime USM watch

Can't believe we found someone to partner with us to logo a watch...Bama I can see but little ole Southern Miss.

Still sleeping with a Dixie Darling!


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