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#1 2018-05-31 15:53:15 - Playing the Race Card Today for Ca$h

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Playing the Race Card Today for Ca$h

I happen to live in the small Texas town that made national news a few years back when a young African American girl of 15 was seen on video being restrained by a police officer when she repeatedly refused to listen to the officers request to leave the premise when over 100 teens crashed a private community pool illegally by jumping over a fence and causing a disturbance. The video went viral, professional protesters flew in from other states to create social unrest and label anyone that didn't agree that the incident was the result of police brutality against blacks as racist.

The Police Chief and Mayor immediately caved and stated the officer was wrong due to the wave of racism that was branding the city almost overnight....a city that one year prior was ranked by CNN and Money Magazine as the #1 city in America to Live. However, after multiple investigations including one by the famous non baseball Texas Rangers it was determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute or press charges on the officer who was forced to resign due to PR pressure shortly after the incident.

Well, thats when the lawsuits started coming in against the officer, and more importantly, against the city where this occurred. The little girls guardian wanted $5 million cash because her constitutional rights were violated. You see, the girl wasnt wrong for not listening to multiple requests by the officers to leave the disturbance. Her guardians think she had every right at 15 to hang out and question authority while the police were responding to the call for help.....

The story was all over the national was labeled a race story for ratings so they ran with it.

What those same media outlets wont do is report on the conclusion of the story that happened will never hear from those same national channels that the lawsuits were dismissed.....After almost three years to the day of the incident and hoping for a $5 million dollar payday, the girl and her attorney lost. They were awarded reimbursement for their legal cost over the past couple of years in exchange for dropping all of the suits against the policeman and the city.

They played the race card in hopes of a multi million dollar settlement.....instead they went quietly in the night with their tail between their legs because they didnt have what they needed to prove racial profiling.....they didnt have proof. This kind of crap will continue to happen unfortunately. Thankfully, the citys new mayor didnt cave and fought for the truth. I guess all the media outlets didnt think it was newsworthy to report the end of the story since its not as sexy as what it might have been on the surface for ratings three years ago.....

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#2 2018-06-12 20:26:08 - Playing the Race Card Today for Ca$h

AndreWhere (1107)
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Re: Playing the Race Card Today for Ca$h

There are no real damages there. If the kid were confined to a wheelchair because of the incident, then we could talk settlement. That's not the case, though.

At the same time, if the cop got fired, I have no sympathy for him. Cops are tasked with keeping the peace. If you can't defuse an out-of-control teenage pool party, well, maybe you shouldn't be a cop.

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