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#1 2018-10-31 16:18:51 - Solid read on the 14th Amendment

Mao Tse-gore (148)
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Solid read on the 14th Amendment

We still suck bigtime.

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#2 2018-10-31 17:52:44 - Solid read on the 14th Amendment

AndreWhere (896)
From: Dunwoody, GA
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Re: Solid read on the 14th Amendment

I feel like the original intent of that amendment did not include foreign nationals, and there is established precedent confirming that with respect to American Indians.

That said, it will be difficult to muddle through to victory in a court of law. Those three (?) amendments that were written right after the Civil War are vague in their phrasing even by the low standards of our Constitution. There's even a clause in one of them prohibiting "questioning the public debt of the United States."

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