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#1 2018-12-18 15:37:36 - 42-1

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Douglas Tyson 30 for 30. Not a bad 50 minute watch but my only can't do a 30 for 30 on the Douglas Tyson fight without interviewing Tyson. Absolutely no post fight comments from Tyson, only one of his ringside trainers was interviewed. Was this the greatest upset in sports history? Johnny Carson had the best interview line about two weeks after the fight when Buster did the Tonight Show....."Buster, Do you find that you have a lot more friends over the past two weeks?"

Couple of things I did not know before watching the 30 for 30....

Busters mom died 3 weeks before the fight

Tyson was knocked down for the first time during a sparring match while training for the Douglas fight.

His trainers didn't bring the ice packs ringside for the fight. Didn't think they would need them. His ringside trainer ended up filling a rubber glove with ice during the 5th round since Mikes eye was almost completely closed.

Vegas has not seen odds like 42-1 since this fight. Closest they came was 25-1 when UMBC played Virginia last year as the 16 seed.

I still think the miracle on ice was the greatest sports upset but this has to be top 5.

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