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#1 2018-04-03 23:18:08 - Drew Brees is not happy with his jeweler

AndreWhere (892)
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Drew Brees is not happy with his jeweler … nt-jewelry

Most of the reactions I've seen to this have been skeptical of Drew. I am in that category.

Very few jewelry purchases lack a subjective component. Most of them have "wiggle room"... the guy selling the jewelry, or even the raw stone, is trying to hype it up as being valuable. Unless he flat-out lies about something, what's the legal cause-of-action?

Other than that, I'm wondering why Drew Brees needs such expensive jewelry. OK, he's rich. That said, Drew Brees spending $15 million on jewelry is still an example of a guy spending most of one year's income on jewelry. I promise you, I have not spent that much on jewelry.

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