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#1 2019-01-14 23:07:08 - Patty McGeek

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Patty McGeek

Guy always wants everyone to know how far left he is with his political views. Surprised his employer hasn’t told him to stop with his political comments and likes.
Government is in the middle of a shutdown. White House staff is significantly reduced as a result. Trump caters the meal for football players out of his own pocket and he gets lit up over it. If he did a steak dinner he would get equally condemned. 34CE3CE8-692E-4F29-B90D-318976F34E9A.jpeg

"There was a great deal of character on that field today. They are for real, no doubt about it. This was no fluke." - Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant


#2 2019-01-15 08:39:54 - Patty McGeek

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Re: Patty McGeek

I can think of at least one President for whom this would have been portrayed as "refreshing" or "down to earth."

Bring back Reed V. "Pie" TurkPalmer Eustachy.


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