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#1 2019-06-29 10:36:32 - World Cup

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World Cup

Been into soccer since the 94 World Cup. Even had season tickets years ago for FC Dallas back when Beckham was in the league with the LA Galaxy. The Women’s World Cup is nearing the finals in Paris next week. The US Women’s team is having an impressive run and will play England on Tuesday for a ticket to the finals. Not sure they can be beaten. Their star and co captain is a vocal opponent of Trump and refuses to put her hand over her heart for the National Anthem because of her support for Colon Kaepernick. She previously kneeled during the anthem until US Soccer made it illegal to do so. She has also recently sued US Soccer for equal pay. A reporter recently asked her if she would accept an invitation to the White House if the win the cup and her response was a vulgar and disrespectful no. AOC stepped in and offered her an invitation and she accepted it making yet another political statement against the current administration.

Why is she representing her country on soccers greatest stage? Well, she isn’t. She’s only representing herself. Glad to see our country is paying for her opportunity.

Go England......


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