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#1 2019-10-31 10:30:57 - Apple's Next Big Tech Release is Coming....the iPhone Killer

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Apple's Next Big Tech Release is Coming....the iPhone Killer

Investors are awaiting the 2020 release of the next big Apple tech that will rival the release of the first iPhone. Tech is always evolving and everyone should recognize that the smartphone is already dying an ever so slowly death just like all tech does.

Whats on deck to take the next step? AR, or augmented reality. I remember when Google Glass came out like 5 years ago and it was stupid looking, dumb, and really didn't bring much to the table. Apple will be releasing their first version next year even though they have been laying down copyrights for years in the AR field. They have hired the best designers in the world to engage in their next product launch that will take the lead within the next 5 years as the top selling Apple product.

Apple quarterly sales average around $60 billion, with a gross margin around 38%. iPhone still carries 50% of the load of the annual sales but wearables are the future. Apple Watch, AirPods and subscription services will be the immediate revenue future but AR is around the corner to take the next leap as the leading product as iPhone sales continue to decline.

Frrom techradar......"AR lets you get context sensitive digital information overlaid onto your real world surroundings – look at a subway station and get train times automatically displayed, for instance, or walk down the aisles of a food store and have the specs recommend a recipe. The applications could be exciting and used for games and entertainment or just extremely boring and extremely practical. Augmented reality could also get a significant boost thanks to the advent of 5G."

So expect to see not only Apple but top fashion retailers jump on the next wearable train coming soon as well, all powered by Apple.....


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#2 2019-10-31 21:16:33 - Apple's Next Big Tech Release is Coming....the iPhone Killer

AndreWhere (1129)
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Re: Apple's Next Big Tech Release is Coming....the iPhone Killer

If they really want to cash in they'll make one for your dog.

Bring back Reed V. "Pie" TurkPalmer Eustachy.


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