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#1 2019-10-03 12:17:57 - Richard Jewell

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Richard Jewell

This looks good. New movie from Clint Eastwood. Hard to believe its been almost 24 years since this all happened. I was in the park the night of the bombing but left probably around 10PM to head back home with my wife and brother. By the time we got home the bombing was all over the news. The next day you couldn't walk anywhere around the park or venues without being checked. Totally sucked the air out of the Olympics. I do remember CNN and the AJC totally making him out to be the suspect. Even after the FBI said he was no longer a witness he was still guilty in the public eye. Poor dude was just doing the right thing.......

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#2 2019-11-10 07:42:55 - Richard Jewell

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Re: Richard Jewell

Looking forward to this one.  I remember asking someone (circa 2001) if they ever figured out whether Jewell was guilty. Just goes to show you how biased the coverage was.

Another building that was bombed by the real perpetrator is pretty close to my house. Creepy, creepy,  haunted-looking place.

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