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#2 Re: Southern Miss » Early next week? » 2020-11-21 21:27:59

EagleFWB wrote:

Hearing rumblings of an announcement early next week... Anybody else? Also heard an offer was made within a week of JH leaving and it was rejected.

And to whom was the offer made that was rejected?

#3 Re: Southern Miss » He speaks. » 2020-11-08 14:29:18

Will we know our new coach by the end of November like the article implied? Who's watching the airports? Anxious in TN   sad  If the admin screws this up...... nevermind - you guys already know, and it may be too late regardless.

#4 Re: Southern Miss » North Texas: 2pm cst, espn3 and... » 2020-11-07 16:57:31

99beers wrote:

North Tejas

Hope I can sit through the whole game.

I'm confused - I thought we played North Alabama? But not sure I can get excited for either one anyway - somebody north something.

#5 Re: Southern Miss » Mullens » 2020-11-05 08:16:24

admin wrote:

I remember Mullens getting relieved by CJ Beathard recently, during a tough game (particularly for Nick). Beathard looked really good, but there's some kind of bad history there and 49ers fans really seem to despise that guy.

Beathard came in after the game was over.  The defense seemed to back off a bit. They didn't come at him like they did Mullens. However, I will say that Mullens did not have a good game at all. The last interception looked bad. roll


#6 Re: Southern Miss » ...More Bad News for SM.... » 2020-10-19 17:54:25

Nugget's Ghost wrote:

It appears according to an interview with scoTTTie earlier that we'll most likely be able to play Liberty.

Lol - good one.

#7 Re: Southern Miss » Who we lose to this week? » 2020-10-01 08:47:22

An Old Farmer Catches A Group Of Women Skinny Dipping In His Pond

An elderly man in Louisiana had owned a large farm for several years. He had a large pond in the back. It was properly shaped for swimming, so he fixed it up nice with picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and some apple and peach trees.

One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn't been there for a while, and look it over. He grabbed a five-gallon bucket to bring back some fruit. As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee. As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond.

He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end. One of the women shouted to him: "We're not coming out until you leave!"

The old man frowned, "I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim naked or make you get out of the pond naked."

Holding the bucket up he said, "I'm here to feed the alligators!"

Some old men can still think fast.

The point of the story on a Southern Miss Board you ask?

If they don't get the shit fixed fast, some of us old farts might just find something better to watch.   big_smile

#8 Re: Southern Miss » Scotty embarrassed » 2020-09-28 09:44:53

I'm just a fan and I was embarrassed.  sad

#9 Re: Southern Miss » Tulane - In the News » 2020-09-23 08:18:21

AndreWhere wrote:
Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:

This is premature until all the facts come out......

Yeah, once you convict the guy in the court of public opinion it's hard to put the proverbial toothpaste back in the tube.

Anyway, it bears reiterating: Tulane is full of wackjobs. You know masturmidget isn't even the craziest person there.

There's this guy: … 0?src=app#

And who could forget these pictures of courage and independent thinking: … 10e39.html

I could never be a cop. Geez...

#10 Re: Southern Miss » The obsession USM fans have with bringing back former coaches is weird » 2020-09-10 12:57:56

I agree.  I have posted many times how confusing and bizarre this is to me.

Anyone that has this obsession should set the job of coaching aside and consider:

1 - If there was a job opening in any area other than sports at Southern Miss, would you want it be filled with "one of us" just because it was their dream job - even if they did a mediocre job (If so, this may explain a lot)?  Or would you want them to hire the best person for that job even if they had to fill it again 4 or 5 years later?

2 - If YOU were offered a job at Southern Miss, wouldn't you be a bit puzzled if you were offered the job just because your had a degree from Southern Miss? How motivated are you if they tell you that the reason you were being hired is because they know you will stay forever and they don't have to pay you much?

3 - If you ARE motivated and take a job at Southern Miss, and do everything you possibly can for Southern Miss while there, would you think it makes sense for others to question your decision to leave if you are offered a better job and more than twice the money?

I'm not saying that some people that are extremely qualified for better jobs and more money will not stay where they are simply because they love an area - that's fine. It's just that when you hire them, you need to hire them because they are the very best you can possibly find. Don't let the hiring decision be based on them staying if and when something better comes along - that's just flat out stupidity. The only reason someone is going to come along and offer them double the money is if they do a bang up job for you.

As for the Fedora/Monken/Freeze or anyone else that has been at Southern Miss in the past, I will say that I don't have a problem with it IF they are the best qualified candidate that is interested. But hiring them should not have ANYTHING to do with them being associated with Southern Miss in the past. The question should be - ARE THEY THE VERY BEST AVAILABLE CANDIDATE? period!

#11 Re: Southern Miss » Goodbye, Coach Hopson » 2020-09-08 16:59:26

Lloydlake wrote:
Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:

USM provided he benches Jack for someone else.

Do we have anybody else ???

They could give Austin Davis a call.

#14 Re: Southern Miss » New schedule » 2020-08-12 13:05:27

Lloydlake wrote:

7 Home Games. First 4 at home.
Should win 10 games with this schedule, but we won't.

Can we cancel someone and play Nebraska? … 33028.html

#15 Re: Southern Miss » New schedule » 2020-08-06 14:19:15

Lloydlake wrote:

7 Home Games. First 4 at home.
Should win 10 games with this schedule, but we won't.

My guess would be another one of those famous years -> "maybe" before the season begins and a bunch of "if only" when the season is over.

#18 Re: Southern Miss » Blah, Blah, Blah » 2020-06-21 17:09:55

B&GBU wrote:

If any of what he said was true there'd be a white studies program as well as black, but there isn't.

Be careful.... they may come up with one so they can teach everyone how evil all white people are. At this point that wouldn't even surprise me. roll

#19 Re: Southern Miss » Animals at Bronx Zoo have contracted virus from workers » 2020-04-07 08:14:18

We will wake up one day and realize we were all just part of a Twilight Zone movie. neutral

#20 Re: Southern Miss » The excitement for signing day this week is at an all time high » 2020-02-13 13:54:25

skyvoyager wrote:
Nugget's Ghostbuster wrote:

I've heard the Thurs/Fri rumor.....but why? If this individual is coming from another program in the same role are they keeping it hush hush so their signing day recruits can't make a change?

Is Hop and Co. keeping it hush hush so any of our recruits can't change their minds?

Would love to hear Hops explanation if they do announce the O coach a day or two after signing day

well.... last thurs-friday has passed.... now we are all the way to this week's thurs-friday.... still no OC

seriously, how many d1 schools out there without a DC or OC? at this time of year.... smh

Maybe he'll just decide to do the coordinator stuff himself and hire a head coach.   smile  …. well - I can dream, can't I.... roll

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