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#1 2018-03-25 17:02:56 - Seven-inning games

AndreWhere (825)
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Seven-inning games

So, the latest thing LSU are (surprise, surprise) pissed about is a 1-0 loss to Vanderbilt today that was a seven-inning game. Supposedly, the SEC dictates a seven-inning game in situations where the prior day's game got suspended and had to be finished the morning before the (seven-inning) game.

That struck me as odd, given that USM plays back-to-back 9-inning games on many Saturdays. LSU can't play 30 minutes of make-up ball followed by a 9-inning game on a Sunday? Is it just a Sunday thing... it's a school night and the kids have to get up early on Monday?

I tried to Google this, and I found this confusing explanation ( … ercy-rules):

"Seven-inning games are allowed if (A) it's the final day of an intra-conference series or (B) two teams (in a non-conference match) have a scheduled double header."

Today's LSU-Vandy game definitely falls into category A. Considering both A and B, though, the obvious questions are, "what about the final day of a non-conference series" and "what about a conference double-header?" Why on Earth would a seven-inning game not be allowed under these circumstances?

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