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#1 2017-09-02 14:08:15 - Interesting marketing observation

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Interesting marketing observation

So I spent a few hundred dollars marketing the site on Google AdSense. Frivolous expenditure, to be sure, but it's a technology I wanted to learn anyway, so fuck it.

It was interesting to see what keywords got the best results. You'd think it'd be stuff like "USM football" or "Southern Miss sports forum." In reality, the best click-through percentage was obtained by keying on the names of other message boards... CSN, CSNBBS, Reddit, TigerDroppings, 4chan, r9k, etcetera.

To me, this indicates that there's a demand for less-moderated places to share one's opinion. People are frustrated with the Jeremy Sands of the world, and rightly so. If you're wondering why I'd ever try to host anything but USM football stuff here, that's why!

Thanks again to everyone posting here... even the people posting nightmare-inducing music videos smile.


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