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#1 Re: Southern Miss » Texas ballplayer domestic violence » Yesterday 21:22:59

She's an idiot and her family are pussies.  That MF would have trouble ever throwing a ball again if that were my daughter...

#2 Re: Southern Miss » Marshall Shocks... » Yesterday 21:18:21

the neighbor changed the wifi password!!

#3 Re: Firearms » Skeet shooting » Yesterday 21:10:10

I've done it but not nearly enough.  I'm a good "instinct" shooter so it looks like I do it more often than I do.  That's gonna be something I spend a lot of time doing in retirement I can assure you of that!

#4 Re: Southern Miss » Doc Sadler has been given an extension... » 2018-03-15 20:17:33

Beers nails it...

No one really cares and less will next year or the year after either.

#5 Re: Southern Miss » Thad Cochran stepping down due to health issues » 2018-03-07 22:27:47

Is that what got the old curmudgeon?  If so, that sucks. When did he go to the Great Eagle's Nest?

#6 Re: Southern Miss » CUSA hoops tournament » 2018-03-07 20:43:54

Judy is a goddamn moron...that pussy-lickin shitbag should resign immediately.  What a fuckin disgrace....

Tihs short pissy diatribe is brought to you by wine and whiskey while i waited on my Italian dinner to be preapred for carryout.  Fuck yah!!

#7 Re: Southern Miss » Thad Cochran stepping down due to health issues » 2018-03-07 10:18:29

SoMs Eagle wrote:
Mlytc wrote:

McDaniel beat Cochran soundly in the primary but didn't get enough to win outright.  The "Real" Republicans got out and paid preachers in Meridian and Vicksburg to get democrats to vote Cochran in the run-off to beat McDaniel and it worked.  One of the dirtiest elections in MS in a while... … 134e0a4218 … /10675595/

Good ole USMmmm......

Did you mean to mention "USMmmm" or is that coincidence?  He wouldn't agree/believe any of this truth...

#9 Re: Southern Miss » Kobe wins the Oscar! » 2018-03-05 09:08:10

"They" don't know what it's about...

"They" just FOLLOW other idiots who told them to do it...

Kinda like when "they" protest shit and don't know what "they" are protesting when a mic is stuck in their face!

#10 Re: Southern Miss » Dicks just announced not selling assault weapons anymore. » 2018-02-28 21:44:09

There's two types of ammo generally...hollow-points and FMJ.  More than likely, the folks are using FMJ in the ARs because that's cheaper and the standard NATO round.  Cajun is more than likely however talking about hollow-points since they are more destructive in theory except that hollow points are designed to stay within the target.  FMJ can and will go right thru a target.  In short, we need to ban dickwad murderers.  And the media needs to stop glorifying every mass killer, serial killer, etc.  The dude's picture was everywhere within a day and he is proud of it.  All the copycat shit then follows.

Millions of rounds of ammo is purchased every day and millions of rounds of ammo don't kill people every day. 

What I don't understand is why supposed rational citizens desire to follow proven idiot politicians...

#11 Re: Southern Miss » Dicks just announced not selling assault weapons anymore. » 2018-02-28 20:13:50

They need to stop selling any firearms since they only carry low quality garbage anyway.  They are the ruination of so many products and Remington (yep, Wall Street owned nowadays) has obliged them fully by lowering their standards and supplying them with crappy guns.  As for the AR platform, I'm pretty sure they dropped it in 16 or 17.

If they did carry some, it was probably DPMS and they too are garbage.

#12 Re: Southern Miss » Tom Benson is in intensive care » 2018-02-28 20:04:25

This ought to be embarrassing when he passes on.  His heirs are gonna make the duck boys in Monroe look high-class!

#13 Re: Southern Miss » Sandlin to start Sat. against THEE ohio shite university » 2018-02-28 19:58:15

They must put all their illegal benefits into their football program since it is a multi-million dollar industry!

#14 Re: Southern Miss » Dicks just announced not selling assault weapons anymore. » 2018-02-28 19:56:45

Being Mexican or Hispanic is an ethnicity not a race.  No more than religious ideology is a race. 

That's more libtard bullshit, programming people to think being from a certain country is all of a sudden a new race.  If any of you fall for their shit, you are under the spell of the globalist.  Last time I checked, the rest of the globe either has worse problems than us now or had some pretty serious issues in the past that we had to stop.  Fuck them and their shit opinions.

#15 Re: Southern Miss » Dicks just announced not selling assault weapons anymore. » 2018-02-28 19:34:04

Dicks and Walmart are not even close to being major players in the gun market.  Why? Simple, they are owned by Wall Street concerns, not Main Street regular citizens.  They choose to sell guns for full MSRP and pawn shops/gun shops sell for much less. Academy Sports in the South is owned by KKR International, another global concern. Another pussy company that will pull ARs and then sell them online under a pseudo name...just like Dicks and the others.  Don't fall for their BS, they do it. 

As for the Founding Fathers, they intended for the citizens to have the equal firepower as the government because the citizens are the government and the militia.  For many, many years the government has had far greater fire power than the citizens.  The commercial AR is no better/accurate than semi-auto rifles from the 30s & 40s so all this bullshit talk from piss ants who know nothing about firearms is just sheep talking.  Give in to the global establishment and become enslaved.

There are a lot of crazy rednecks and yankees too that can't wait for a gun-grab or a revolution that you speak of.  I laughed hard when I read that.

#16 Re: Southern Miss » Baseball @ UNO » 2018-02-28 00:08:30

I've only been to UNO for concerts mostly in the 80s (Queensryche, The Firm twice,  Plant and some others I long forgot) and the one Lollapalooza in '96 with Waylon, Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden and Metallica closing.  So most of my memories of the Lakefront venue are cloudy and obscured for some reason lol
Some damn good times for thinks!

**had to edit since it was '96 I attended.  I forgot that Devo was there!  big_smile

#17 Re: Southern Miss » Episode 1 of Leebo and Irby show » 2018-02-22 23:12:32

And Dozier approves of this message...

#18 Re: Southern Miss » Seems low » 2018-02-21 23:11:08

That means a clown makes a shitpile less huh?   hmm

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