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#1 Re: Southern Miss » Southern Miss Cafeteria » 2019-10-08 00:06:53

I would sit at table 7 very stoically and give the Bower game-stare at the two of them.  Any time either was about to speak, I'd yell out things like "AIGHT", FLAGSHIP, or ATTACK!!!  After a while of this, I'd move over to table 1 and try my best to get in ole girls pants. 

You asked...

#2 Re: Firearms » » 2019-10-07 23:21:21

EagleFWB wrote:
USMstang wrote:
EagleFWB wrote:

Recently bought a Shield 9mm from PSA.. $250

Can't beat that

That is a "gen 1" Shield I take it...Shield 2.0 is higher

That's correct. It's not the 2.0.

I sell those new for $279 with a lifetime warranty.  Folks will order the one from PSA and pay more after transfer fee.  And if something should happen to it, they are on their own.  In the first 3-12 months depending on mfg, they'll usually pay freight for warranty work.  We take care of the shipping for our guns as long as they own them for mfg issues.

As for the Shield, the differences between the 1st gen and the 2.0 are mostly cosmetic.  They are both outstanding weapons in every way for the money.  One of the better sellers in their class.  We've sold hundreds in the past 6 years.

Where are you located?

#3 Re: Firearms » » 2019-10-05 18:29:29

EagleFWB wrote:

Recently bought a Shield 9mm from PSA.. $250

Can't beat that

That is a "gen 1" Shield I take it...Shield 2.0 is higher

#4 Re: Southern Miss » Jon Gilbert at ECU » 2019-10-02 22:51:33

I would love to know if that dickhead is still sending out his rambling emails about nothing.  And you know damn well he's got a camping trip planned and once again it will be heavily attended by athletes from sports that don't generate any revenue. Dude is about as useful as a ball bag on a 90 year old!

#5 Re: Firearms » » 2019-10-02 21:40:00

PSA is a high volume dealer/distributor of anything they can make a dime on.  They are only interested in volume.  As for business practices, they are not the most ethically sound folks in the industry.  Actually, they are quite arrogant to deal with one on one...and I have done this as we are members/shareholders of the same National buyer's group.  If you like a big box mentality with no loyalty given or expected, they are for you.  As for their AR lowers, they are mass produced and sell as low as $25 at times.  They will work but they are not precision instruments by any means.

#6 Re: Southern Miss » USM Introduction of New AD » 2019-04-10 07:44:33

I’m good with the baby steps.  If his vision is to be a top G5 school, it’s a higher bar than Billy McG and certainly Camper John.  There was the usual fluff in there but I caught a few other snippets of info that tells me he is far better than what I thought we would end up with.  I appreciate that Bennett apparently sees USM as a great job by hiring guys with “experience” and $ec lineage but this guy does have a resume of working with shit and making a difference.  Troy has made some noise the last few years and he obviously had a big hand in that.

Hell, just the fact that early on he said critical twice in the same sentence about USM and where athletics are prove that he knows what he is in for.  McG saw the job as “I’m the AD and I can’t wait to get my family and my tall ass GF in town”.  Gilbert cried and went back to TN to reflect upon the endeavors ahead such as writing emails about camping trips and his boy crush on Tom Cruise. I like that McClain mentioned Hammond and said some things about making a lot of changes and turning over every stone looking for a difference.  I’m hopeful that means making the people on staff at the Athletic Department show up every day to work and that he’ll use a different approach than the General used. 

I haven’t been very hopeful in recent years about our situation but I think this guy might be able to get some things done.  We’ll know soon enough.

And finally, what’s up with our infatuation with Irish names in the AD job?  McClellan, McGillis and now McClain.

#7 Re: Southern Miss » Interesting day in Oxford » 2019-02-25 08:55:09

This same thread on Golden Eagle Pride turned into a shitfest due to one guy in particular that is completely intolerant of anyone else’s opinion.  He is under the impression that only his viewpoint matters and furthermore, misunderstands and attributes information to posters that didn’t say what he says they said.  Whether we agree with each other or not, we are all entitled to our own opinions on this subject and any others.  Additionally, when rendering an opinion on a message board that does not directly mention another poster, there is no need in attacking that posters’ views.  By and large, this unfiltered board somehow does a great job of that.  Surely we don’t all have the same opinion on everything but I’ve really yet to see that here. 

With that said, being an Ole Miss fan here will surely get you attacked...but that is different.  Hahahaha

#8 Re: Southern Miss » The witch hunt has started. » 2019-02-08 23:21:52

Only a true, actual racist would even have her thought process.  I hate to see that’s Ito’s point of view as well apparently.  When I think of RB, I see a guy with a view of most things, opposite of mine.  He’s one of those!  They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, creeds, religions, etc. and it matters not to me.  I’d prefer him to move along back to the $EC (he’s one of THEM too)!

#9 Re: Southern Miss » The witch hunt has started. » 2019-02-08 07:49:48

Again, these stories are shit.

If you think anyone that knows every detail is going to give up information to some out of town half-cocked journo, you are very naive.  Maybe good ole Sonja is leaking info but I even doubt that she is 100% in the loop.  There’s probably about 5 people completely in the loop: Bennett, Hop, Bower, Duff, Mitchell, and Morrison.  (M&M count as one)

Actual investigative journalism with sources in the know ceased to exist about 25 years ago.  Now it’s all agenda driven.  And while I believe Rodney has an agenda, I don’t believe he is leaking anything right now other than trying to keep himself clean and out of the spotlight.  In a week, this will all be forgotten in the media because there’s just nothing here.  Keep in mind, this script could (and should) be flipped.  Without getting completely political, who the fuck do you think created the “thug” class?  Easy answer, politicians mostly from the Democrats and lately the Republicans too (insert Establishment hacks here).  For Hop to recruit and/or sign kids from troubled areas with troubled pasts, he is demonstrating that he believes in the justice system and giving second chances to people.  I believe he does it after talking to them extensively and deciding they have dedicated themselves unto the Lord.  It does happen you know.  And every liberal politician in the country (when given the chance) will stick up for someone from a high-crime area because they lack “white-privilege” or any privilege for that matter.

Hop is a better man than I...if it were my decision, I wouldn’t recruit anyone with a history of shit.  Not coaches or players.  And I was for the Briles hire just because I think we are basically at the end of the road at USM.  I just wanted to pour some peroxide on Briles so he couldn’t infect Scottie, use him for a year or two, and let him move on for his millions.  And I have zero faith in Bennett in any capacity to truly lead every facet of our university.  (He’s just another shit hire like all the others starting with AKL)

But I say all that to say again, Bennett doesn’t have the balls to fire Hop.  If he buckles to some outside libtard pressure and does it, he is the biggest fool in the state and will be out of a job in less than a year.  Firing Hop would effectively kill the donor base in one included.

#10 Re: Southern Miss » The witch hunt has started. » 2019-02-07 22:08:09

The Athletic story is dramatic shit.  These people like West are all around us, enrolled at schools everywhere, not even just athletics.  Maybe she should become a real journo and do some work to find out just how many citizens have been convicted of shit and stiff participate in society.  She wouldn’t be shocked anyway because I am quite certain she probably already knows someone with that background.  They are likely in her family for that matter, who knows.

The next “story” is just some dickhead driveling on about nothing and using other cocksuckers’ stories as sources.  Pretty pathetic.

#11 Watches » Hell Yah, Rolex to retire 6 watches this season » 2019-02-06 00:06:27

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Of those six, I own one of them and my son another!  Our resale values were already holding very well but they will head up more with this announcement.  I have the black dial Explorer II (pics in another thread) and he has the “Hulk” Sub which is the very hard to find green dial and ceramic bezel.  The Hulk green dial is created by color generation at the Rolex foundry where they blend blue aluminum into yellow gold.  We’ve set lofty goals of replacing our watches with other wise choices and giving these more time in the safe. 

On a crappy note, the “Batman” GMT Master is also being retired.  I would really like to get a GMT and the Batman is pretty cool but will only do it if I can find it at the right price out of state (no sales tax) and shipped overnight.  He’s more anxious than I am so I’ll take my time choosing. 

For those interested, here are the models: Batman GMT, Polar dial Explorer II, Black dial Explorer II, GMT Oyster Steel, Pepsi GMT, and the Hulk Submariner.

#12 Re: Watches » Not Really a Watch Guy..... » 2019-02-05 23:16:53

To my knowledge, Ecodrives are solar powered not automatic chronos

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