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#1 2019-03-22 12:36:22 - Second day of spring......

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Second day of spring......

Already down $160 at Hone Depot in one visit between mulch, turf builder, lawn bags, pansies, Bermuda sod, plant food and potting soil......

And that’s just the front yard

Weeds seem to be not as bad this spring so far. Did first treatment of halts crabgrass preventer and fertilizer in late February after first mow. Pruned the trees the last two weekends. Forecast has rain tomorrow so I will put on my aeration spikes on Sunday and layout the turf builder. Might actually have a green yard in 3 weeks fingers crossed.....

"Pressure washers are great for removing deep-seated dirt, grease, peeling paint and even graffiti from concrete, asphalt, siding, decks, lawn furniture, garbage cans, boats and trailers, and outdoor power equipment." - Jon Dilbert, ECU AD


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