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#1 2018-09-18 11:02:43 - App St Game Officially Canceled for 2018

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App St Game Officially Canceled for 2018

Would love the following question asked of Dilbert as soon as possible.........have you contacted UNC regarding scheduling a game on 10/6 in Chapel Hill? … h=football


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#2 2018-09-18 21:13:40 - App St Game Officially Canceled for 2018

AndreWhere (858)
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Re: App St Game Officially Canceled for 2018 … 473e7.html

The schools are tentatively considering a 2024 make-up.

App. State offered both a neutral site game and a moved-up game in Boone, but USM wanted neither. Reading between the lines, it seems like USM didn't want to play a moved-up game, and maybe thought a neutral site game wouldn't fulfill their contractual obligation.

USM offered to host the game, but App. State demurred with some hand-waving about flying in dangerous weather... which is bullshit. Florence was wimpy even by the low standards of media darling hurricanes. If it made it to Boone, it was weaker than the farts I cut that weekend.

As for playing UNC on an ad hoc basis, I think it's more likely that App. State does that than USM.

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