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#1 2018-10-13 21:42:14 - Dying to Belong: Episode 1, Vince Marinello

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Dying to Belong: Episode 1, Vince Marinello … -marinello

Just watched this. It's a pretty good summary of Vince's rise and fall. If it falls short, it does so in overestimating the extent to which we all bought into Vince's B.S. before he was charged. I remember thinking he was a wannabe long before the full extent of his transgressions ever became public. I remember watching "Hey Buddy D" as a kid when a prank caller asked if Vince's face had been successfully removed from Buddy's ass way back in the early 1990s.

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#2 2018-10-15 11:21:28 - Dying to Belong: Episode 1, Vince Marinello

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Re: Dying to Belong: Episode 1, Vince Marinello

I don't know this guy or his story so I used the most reliable source on the internet to learn about this man.......


Apparently, he killed his ex wife because she was going to out him for wearing a toupee.......seems a little extreme.

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