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#1 2021-02-23 10:56:14 - So,...

Mao Tse-gore (370)
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...USM is "restttructtturing" its Coastttal Operatttions, while it appears the humpers are expanding theirs and elbowing in.

We still suck bigtime.
There's a big difference between optimism and an altered state of reality.
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#2 Yesterday 10:38:17 - So,...

TheChosenOne (265)
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Re: So,...

The coast is an opportunity for someone to swoop in. Southern Miss had a real chance to take advantage however administration once again failed. Leaving a gap for Tulane and now MS State. They’d better wake up otherwise will lose their backyard.


#3 Yesterday 11:58:33 - So,...

Black Diamond Reb (396)
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Re: So,...

TheChosenOne wrote:

Southern Miss administration better wake up.


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#4 Yesterday 12:42:19 - So,...

AndreWhere (1180)
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Re: So,...

Maybe someone can give a history of the stupid little spats the administration has started with Gulf Park over the years. I remember Thames had one, and then maybe Aunt Martha had another?

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