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#25 2019-08-14 09:08:51 - Southern Miss Cafeteria

Nugget's Ghostbuster (1114)
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Re: Southern Miss Cafeteria

EagleFWB wrote:

I want to sit at a table with Cat Cora.... Learn how to cook good shit to eat!

I considered her instead of Natalie at table 1 but I have seen Natalie give back to USM first hand so I went with her. Maybe Cat has done lots for USM and I just missed it.....

"There was a great deal of character on that field today. They are for real, no doubt about it. This was no fluke." - Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant


#26 2019-08-14 11:24:35 - Southern Miss Cafeteria

Mao Tse-gore (170)
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Re: Southern Miss Cafeteria

Where I’d sit would depend on the fare, must be paired like wine.hee+haw.jpg

We still suck bigtime.

If it's bad they're for it, if it's good they're against it - democrats!


#27 2019-08-14 18:03:48 - Southern Miss Cafeteria

Tanya (21)
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Re: Southern Miss Cafeteria

SoMs Eagle wrote:
Tanya wrote:

I prefer to eat alone.

With your good friend Frank Furter?



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